Briefings of the Soviet Informburo, 1942

Stalin copy

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Preamble: This acerbic parody draws inspiration from the statements of various public figures in both Russia and Novorossiya, many of them self-styled advocates of the Kremlin’s point of view and proponents of Minsk negotiations and the various painfully ridiculous geopolitical stratagems that have been collectively designated as the “cunning plan.” Many of the quotations from statements made by these opportunists are used almost verbatim, with appropriate substitutions, where necessary, of Germany for Ukraine, Ostland Reichskomissariat for the DPR and the LPR, and so forth. Understanding how preposterous statements like these would have sounded coming from the victors of the Great Patriotic War, the people who defeated the scourge of fascism in Europe, should jolt many into understanding some of the troubling aspects of the passive Russian policies in relation to the war in Ukraine and the failure of the government to explain its motivations.

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