The Updated Military Strategy of the US: Ambiguity and Dominance

The Updated Military Strategy of the US: Ambiguity and Dominance.

Courtesy of by Andrey Previn

The 2015 National Military Strategy of the USA sees it’s objectives as being guided by NSIs(National Security Interests) seeming to be a mix of self delusion and the continuance of destructive interference and aggression by stealth or open hostility using force. The interests, as outlined in the strategy, may seem reasonable but for the skewed vision of US “exceptionalism” they themselves are the only ones allowed to pursue those strategies. For instance, the US may protect it’s citizens wherever they are – but another country such as Russia, may not, deeming another country’s actions as aggressive. Which is exactly what it has done in the case of Crimea. The US also seems set to preserve and extend (pursue and impose by whatever means) it’s own twisted misconception of what constitutes “universal values” which they are most certainly not. Given the way they govern their own country and condone the activities of the nazi regime of Israel, the Human Rights Violations of the Saudis and the breaking of the Minsk Agreement 1 by Kiev and the Ukraine ethnic cleansing programme, they are, to put it mildly, somewhat detached from reality. Such double standards of corrupt thinking are not “universal values”. The fact that the strategy lists their own tactics of state sponsored terrorist interventionism in destabilizing nation states, the pursuit of ever more advanced and destructive military technologies, cyber warfare, and bringing misery to countless people, using misinformation and outright lies by means of propaganda and failure to observe International Rules of warfare as in the case of the Geneva Conventions, the UN charter – many of the GA conventions they have refused to ratify, where they themselves might be held accountable, the Helsinki Accords which they broke, the Paris Charter which they have dismissed, the NATO agreement they have reneged on and last but not least, the agreement they also signed: the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, shows a certain lack of perception of their own guilt. Mea Culpa does not exist in their mindset. Think of the old saying “Oh for the gift that God did gee us, to see ourselves as others see us” (Robbie Burns – Scottish poet) and you have an inkling into the warped mentality of the US mentality.This whole misconception of their own righteousness has so infected their psyche that they have not realized who and what they truly are. According to Andrey Panevin who takes note from John Mearsheimer in an article called “America Unhinged” described as excellent, who sees the degradation of US credibility and society as stemming from its perpetual interventionism and warfare. The 2015 Military Strategy would seem to bear witness to the assessment by many countries now, of America‘s addiction to its own dogma of World Domination by fair and foul means without recognising the “Mr Hyde” persona now controlling them. The strategy completely overlooks the irony of it’s advice – condemning strategy applicable to others, which the US itself employs.Unhinged is putting it mildly Mr. Mearsheim

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