Nastya Kopteva’s Letter to President Vladimir Putin

Nastya Kopteva’s Letter to President Vladimir Putin.Sadly, because of the US control over the nazi regime, Russia cannot come to the aid of the Donbass, it would play directly into US and EU hands. They only need a contrived excuse to declare war on Russia. The destruction of the Donbass will continue and the atrocities will worsen in an attempt to bring about a reaction from Russia. Likely Putin receives many letters like hers because she and the others do not realize how his hands are tied behind his back.  Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, in fact the Danish and especially the Polish are willing to allow the nazi battalions to pulverise Russian civilians in an attempt to start the war.They are the pawns in this “game” of war. Kiev will continue it’s ethnic cleansing of Russian citizens rights, identities, homes, lands and lives until they are utterly destroyed. Poroshenko promised the Donbass it’s children would not go to school, they would be hiding in their basements, they would go hungry and would not have hospitals. So far he has made good on his promise and the US/EU/NATO will not allow him to halt the slaughter, because they know at some point Putin will give up asking the EU community and the UN to intervene and he will send troops and possibly even heavy artillery and tanks in to stop the escalating murder of citizens. He hasn’t done so yet, and this may seem an awful thing to say, but he shouldn’t. The lives of the people in Russia are those he is responsible for and they must come first, to try and rescue the Donbass peoples would cause untold destruction of his own peoples in Russia. The eastern Ukrainians were doomed from the moment the US led coup began and the nazi regimes started stripping away at the rights of the Russian citizens in the Crimea and the eastern region. It was by design with a twofold purpose in mind: to make the Ukraine financially dependant on western money to the point that they would renege on their debt to Russia and to foment war against Russia by destroying the lives of the peoples of the Donbass. It must be infuriating to the US and their EU partners in crime to have failed so far. Russia must refrain from coming to the aid of the donbass and the Russian speaking peoples must accept annihilation or perpetual conflict.The Ukraine nazi regime, where so many war criminals fled to after being given a free pass for testifying in the Nuremberg Trials, are not killing Jews. Their new Lebensraum victims are Russian speaking ethnics and as we witnessed on June 9th, to the western world 10 million Russian lives lost are to be dismissed and their memories spat on by those who thrive today because of that sacrifice. We live in an evil world where power plays use the lives of civilians to reach the intended goals. The EU elites who see Russia as the fly in the ointment will not intervene, that would require a conscience, something they likely have not. The Palestinians have waited 70 years for help, they are still waiting, what chance the Donbass peoples in their expectant hope for justice?

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