The Kiev Cauldron—Киевский Котел

Preamble: Without undue fanfare (only the accolades well earned), allow me to introduce, by means of the excellent analysis below, one of the many new beginnings here, at Slavyangrad. In addition to our bread and butter—translations of first-hand accounts, interviews and analyses authored by the many authentic voices of Novorossiya, Russia and Ukraine—we will be starting to publish regular opinion pieces from a select group of writers. Gracchus Babeuf, one of Slavyangrad’s founders, is part of that group.

Babeuf wrote this article in the span of a few short days when Kolomoiskiy looked like he was about to make a stand against Poroshenko. The analysis was completed on March 25, 2015, and sent to me, but not published at the time—something for which only I am to blame. In some ways, however, it all worked out for the best, as we are now witnessing a renewed struggle for power between the Ukrainian…

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