It’s truly priceless that Iain Duncan Smith can accuse anyone of misrepresenting statistics with a straight face.

When IDS and PP make unfounded accusations without basis in fact or truth and lacking corroborative evidence it’s called “Government Policy”. When those who suffer the consequences of that policy with argument based on fact, truth and demonstrable evidence, it’s called “anecdotal”.
Occums razor has two protagonists, the one who jumps to the first argument and sticks with it trying to make facts fit and the second who waits until facts become evident and then offer an analysis of a reasoned argument. The difference between the government and the people taking and talking logical response to it.

Politics and Insights

430847_149933881824335_1645102229_n (1)I’m not well at the moment and supposed to be resting, but I must make some comment on record regarding the disgraceful behaviour yesterday in parliament of Priti Patel and Iain Duncan Smith.

In light of the many official public rebukes that the Tories have faced for telling lies and using fake statistics, and given the fact that the Government face a United Nations inquiry regarding the fact that their welfare “reforms” are incompatible with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it’s truly remarkable that Priti Patel and Iain Duncan Smith have the cheek to call disability campaigners “thugs” and opposition MPs “liars”, when they are faced with valid concerns and founded criticisms regarding the consequences of their draconian policies.

This said, a well-known bullying tactic is projection of the bully’s own inadequacies and nasty traits onto their victims to cover their tracks. Scapegoating is used…

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