Russia to Add Its 203rd Air Force Base — Its First Outside Russia

This is unfortunate for Belarus as the US will make an example of them by finding some excuse to sanction them or deploy some of their “moderate” terrorists to cause mischief, watch what happens in Belarus in the near future. Other examples of US reciprocity are Hungary/Serbia border, Bulgaria they just threatened with the TPA, Macedonia where they bought up 16% of a cascade electric power company and put the prices up by 16%(which gave way to riots), Azerbaijan, Thailand where they supported the criminal brother and sister, the brother fled to Saudi to escape is prison sentence, Turkey, where they supported Erdogan’s opposition because he agreed the Russian southern pipeline. The list goes on, too numerous to detail here and now.


by Eric Zuesse

According to, Russia has 202 Air Force bases, all in Russia’s various “Military Districts”; but now there is to be a 203rd one, and it will be in Belarus. If this actually happens, it will be a historic expansion of Russia’s armed forces abroad — something that for the U.S. to do would be inconsequential since the U.S. already has 41 Air Force Bases in foreign countries, surrounding Russia, East West and South. (Belarus isn’t even anywhere near the U.S.; it’s instead bordering Russia itself.)

On September 19th at (and then on 20 September at the subscription-only Financial Times), was reported (as headlined at 112), “Russia to Establish Air Base in Belarus.” Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Friday the 18th had signed a document, “To intrust the Ministry of Defense with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out the negotiations with the Belarusian side…

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