The government need to learn about the link between correlation and causality. Denial of culpability is not good enough.

Another excellent article by Kitty S. Jones. You won’t find better in the puppet media.

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Correlation isn’t quite the same as causality. When researchers talk aboutcorrelation, what they are saying is that they found a relationship between two, or more, variables. “Correlation does not mean causation” is a quip that researchers chuck at us to explain that events or statistics that happen to coincide with each other are not necessarily causally related.

Correlation means that an association has been established, however, and the possibility of causation isn’t refuted or somehow invalidated by the establishment of a correlation. Quite the contrary. Indeed an established association implies there may also be a causal link. To prove causation, further research into the association must be pursued. So, care should be taken not to assume that correlation never implies causation, because it quite often does indicate a causal link.

Whilst the government deny there’s a causal link between their policies and an increase in premature…

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