Over 800 Political Prisoners Killed 8000 Detained in Pakistan Occupied Peoples’ Republic of Balochistan During 2015


In the Taliban stronghold of Quetta over 8,000 anti-government suspects have been arrested during more than 1,800 raids carried out in 2015 by Pakistani security forces and Taliban forces in the Balochistan Peoples’ Republic according to official figures Provincial Home Ministry said on Wednesday.

In a report presenting details of the implementation of the Pakistani National Action Plan (NAP) in the province, the Balochistan Home Ministry said that 204 suspected terrorists have been executed, 29 injured and a total of 8,326 suspects arrested in 1,863 raids from December 16 2014 to Sept 15 2015.

The detailed people whoa re being held without trial belonged to banned opposition parties who rejected to occupation of the Balochistan Peoples’ Republic by Pakistani troops during the India-Pakistan Civil War in 1947.

A similar report released by the Sindh provincial government yesterday claimed that 343 a further Balochi opposition members were killed and 370 were…

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