British MPs want to defend al Qaeda in Syria, “enforce no fly zone” even if UN vetoes

Sent emails to all three agents of death with details about the lie Obama used to kick start it via the misrepresentation of the UN report


According to several articles in the Guardian, here and here and here, a number of Labour and Conservative MPs are arguing that Britain and other western nations should enforce a no-fly zone in Syria, even if the UN Security council vetoes the proposal. The two major advocates are Conservative Andrew Mitchell and Labour’s Jo Cox, but “at least fifty” Labour MPs, including shadow foreign secretary Hillary Benn, are said to be sympathetic.

Let’s be clear these stalwarts of democracy are suggesting British forces should – once again – break international law by entering Syrian air space without either Syrian invitation or a UN mandate. Nothing new there. But this time they are saying our forces should enforce a no-fly zone, which would mean engaging, and likely shooting down, Russian aircraft bombing ISIS and “non-ISIS terrorists.”

Of course the MPs themselves don’t put it quite that way. They…

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