Debunking the western lies about Syria and Assad from Eva Bartlett’s web site

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The US “sponsored terrorists” are responsible for the refugee crisis. Assad had 78% of the country’s vote, which is more than can be said for most democracies including the EU/UK/US. He had delivered many reforms that would make the UK look bad but the US and EU want to get rid of him because he is not pro-Washington. His was one of the most stable counties in the ME, where poverty was well below other countries like the Arab Spring members. The only other country that comes close to what Assad achieved was – you guessed it – Iran who the west “sanctioned” because they were not pro Washington and who aided Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran. What a bunch of double dealing, hypocritical, russophobic, double standard, murderous bunch of cretins the western “democracies” are. In May 2013, it was reported that even NATO recognised the Syrian President’s increased popularity. “The data, relayed to NATO over the last month, asserted that 70% of Syrians support” the Assad Government. At present the number is now at least 80%. The most telling barometer of Assad’s support base was the Presidential elections in June 2014, which saw 88% of the votes supporting Assad. The lengths Syrians outside of Syria went to in order to vote included flooding the Syrian embassy in Beirut for two full days(and walking several kilometres to get there) and flying from countries with closed Syrian embassies to Damascus airport simply to cast their votes for him. Within Syria, Syrians braved terrorist mortars and rockets designed to keep them from voting; 151 shells were fired on Damascus alone, killing 5 and maiming 33 Syrians. (these were US sponsored terrorists). For more information see Professor Tim Anderson’s “Why Syrians Support Bashar al-Assad”, Stephen Gowan who noted the many reforms Assad had introduced, political commentator Jay Tharaappel’s articulation on Assad’s reforms and Carlos Martinez’s book “Decriminalising Bashar – towards a more effective anti-war movement” in which he outlines anti-Imperialist ( a definite reason for the western allies to want him out), socially inclusive policies regardless of religion, status, sect or ethnicity, it’s secularism and multiculturalism, and it’s continued support for Palestinians and anti-Zionist stance (which is yet another reason for the US/EU/UK to want Assad out). Most propaganda on which the west draws information from is that of Rami Abdulrahman of the so-called Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SOHR), UK based he runs the propaganda from two bed semi, he opposes Assad and will not say who pays his salary. Another source of propaganda is the leftist movements in countries like the UK and people like Public figure Owen Jones, who spews his anti Bashar rhetoric whether intentionally misrepresenting the facts or not. From the beginning in Dara’a and elsewhere throughout Syria, armed protesters (probably US sponsored activists of Assad’s opposition who the US were funding) were firing upon and butchering, security forces and civilians. Tim Anderson’s “Syria: how the violence began, in Dara’a” pointed out that police were killed by snipers in the March 17/18 protests; the Syrian Army was only brought to Dara’a after the policemen were murdered.
Prem Shankar Jha’s “Who Fired The First Shot” described the slaughter of 20 Syrian soldiers a month later “by cutting their throats and cutting off the head of one of the soldiers” by so-called US backed “moderate” terrorists. Sharmine Narwani investigaated the early massacres of Syrian soldiers in “Syria: The Hidden Massacre”. Al Jazeera journalist left because the video he took of armed men crossing the borders, April 10 2011, Banyas farmer Nidal Janoud killed by “unarmed protestors” as the west would represent so many causalties, had his face gashed open, mutilated and bleeding Janoud was paraded around by an armed mob, who then hacked him to death. Father Frans Van der Ludt – the Dutch priest living in the city of Homs before his assassination on April 7th 2014 had repeatedly written about the “armed demonstrators” he saw in early protesters, “who began to shoot at the police first”. All of these “innocent unarmed protesters” went unreported in the media trash of the west, just to subvert the truth and promote the propagandist lies of the western leaders who could claim – falsely, of Assad’s atrocities against his own people and send up the call that “Assad must go”.
We are, by the fact that we do nothing to change or challenge this rhetoric of lies, guilty of the crimes against humanity we witness in the refugee crisis and of War Crimes our governments past and present are guilty of.

For more info go to Eva Bartlett’s website.

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