Video: Free Syrian Army “liberated” over 1,000 Aleppo factories, transferred them to Turkey

So the Turks are thieves as well as terrorist sponsors and of course friends to the US and it’s dirty dealing allies. So the position of the US is to commend robbing the Syrian people of any livelihood so that they would leave their homeland after being attacked by “moderate” terrorists and flee to the EU states where they could live in poverty if they survived the trip? Let’s hope that Russia can mop the terrorists up – all of them, a terrorist is a terrorist, and restore peace and Assad to Syria and the terrorised (by IS & the US sponsored “terrorists”) people can return.The ME dictatorships, Turkey, the EU/UK and US are going to leave them alone? There’s a snowballs chance in hell of the murderous US ever allowing them peace and certainly not prosperity – only the western “civilised” (sorry for the pun) powers are allowed these things and they will no doubt impose sanctions against the people for welcoming Assad back in power. I am ashamed of my country, the EU and the people who continue the propagandist lies of the media about Assad. I would sooner burn the Union Jack and all it stands for and spit on it and raise the flags of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran and Russia, the only ones entitled to claim to being “civilised” in this whole sorry excuse for greed and power. When will US aggression end? Presumably when they have it all their own way With any luck, Russia and China will rise to become the dominant Superpowers and destroy the petro dollar funded New World Order.



Still from the video below.

Video footage from November 2012 shows men of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) North Storm Battalion monitoring the transfer of equipment and machinery from Aleppo to Turkey. According to the narrator from the terrorist group, he says that these are trucks and oil excavators that belong to the state of Qatar that are being returned to Qatar through Turkey after they were ‘liberated from the Assad army’.

Confirmations from the Syrian Foreign Ministry and other observers have claimed that between 1,000 and 1,500 factories have been robbed of their equipment and raw material, where those have been taken to Turkey with the full knowledge of and facilitation by the Turkish government.

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