Testimony: “Why I left ISIS”

Although this man is obviously a pro Sharia Law at any price, it would seem that there is a price too high to pay. A small one, but it obviously resonated with him enough, to slough off the IS false narrative and empty rhetoric. It astonishes me that he was fine with the murder of Shi’ites and non wahabbist sunni, the murder of women and children, but baulks at articles of fundamentalist and extremist doctrine, what did he expect, he was allied with hate filled murderers! The “moderate” terrorists are just in it for the money and whatever else is on offer and therefore have no scruples or notions of honour (these are the US paid FSA and Takfiri, Salafist, Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda and al Nusra and foreign US backed mercenary thug elements) and killing unarmed civilians and torturing them is just par for the course, so why did he expect them to be any different from what he observed? Murder for money, tends to attract the morally corrupt, the sort we in civilised societies put in prison, not moderately peeved wallflowers!



[…] Then, the little things started drawing my attention… things which no one on the outside seemed aware of. Such as the fact that majority of the land gained by ISIS and currently under ISIS control was not actually captured by them. Rather, it was other groups who bore the victory but somehow, ISIS took control, either because the neighbouring groups didn’t feel capable of fighting Muslims or because the ISIS supporters in the area just happened to be the majority. The actual ISIS takeovers such as Palmyra, was nothing but desert area, easy pickings for anyone. But that’s not what got to me. After all, if Allah really wanted, He could allow anyone control over anything, friend of His or foe.

What hit me, was the qualities that I started noticing in those who supported ISIS. Besides the general obsession with them, they had a kind of harsh, arrogant…

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