Welfare must not be seen as the Treasury’s disposable income

Another excellent and educating narrative from Kitty S. Jones:
To view the article:https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/welfare-must-not-be-seen-as-the-treasurys-disposable-income/

Politics and Insights

In the 2010 Coalition emergency budget, David Cameron claimed that austerity measures were to be introduced only to reduce the deficit.

Doesn’t anyone else remember that since then, David Cameron stood up at a Lord Mayor’s banquet in London, in front of the financial elite, in November 2013 and ostensibly admitted – and from an ostentatious golden throne, no less – that austerity was not an emergency response to difficult economic events after all, but a permanent disassembling of the state, signalling that he had no intention of resuming public spending once the structural deficit has been eliminated.

Many of us had already recognised that the cuts were ideologically driven. But not enough of us to make a difference in May and vote to prevent an unforgivable betrayal of future generations. It’s also an grievous betrayal of the previous generations who fought to establish universal suffrage and fought…

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