Opinion: ISIL and its supporters must face international trial

In time, providing Russia, Iran and Hezbollah can defeat the US/Israel/ME Alliance, we may well be able to place many of the guilty whether US/IS/ME on trial with those whose faces can be depicted accurately being registered with Interpol and a reward offered to all those who would hide. Money buys you everything (except loyalty).



An image released by ISIL in Iraq.

Vladimir Platov writes in Neo Eastern Outlook:

International media has been actively discussing the recent publication of the British edition of Mirror Online featuring shocking footage of Islamic State (ISIL) militants gunning down a total of 200 children, with their hands tied behind their backs. It should be noted that it is not the first time that militants executed their captives, but such massive public executions haven’t yet been published on the Internet. Although there’s no way to establish the veracity of the footage, it’s but one case in a series of documented violence and criminal activities of the terrorist “Islamic State.” It is this very group that is not ashamed of its twisted fantasies of abusing and killing civilians, which also tries to establish prominence through these very acts of violence.

ISIL militants have repeatedly uploaded footage of executions of their prisoners…

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