When the Right don’t know what their right hand is doing: more embarrassment for the PM regarding the impact of austerity cuts on Tory councils

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gret deceitDavid Cameron is under investigation for an alleged breach of the ministerial code, (despite the Tories’ recent editof it.) He’s been accused of not separating his constituency role with his cabinet role, showing his own constituency preferential treatment regarding Tory austerity cuts.

The Labour Party wrote to the Cabinet Secretary to request a ruling on whether the prime minister broke the code of ethics and conduct after inviting Tory councillors into Downing Street for a private meeting to discuss Tory cuts to frontline services in his Witney constituency.

The ministerial code prevents ministers from using government facilities for party or constituency activities, and this is why Labour has written to the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, asking for a ruling. 

Leaked letters revealed that Cameron became embroiled in an embarrassing row with Oxfordshire County Council, complaining about the impact of “counter-productive” cuts to essential services in his constituency…

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