CodePink Delegation to Palestine


by David William Pear from


A delegation of 23 members of the women’s peace activist group CodePink just returned from a 9 day tour of Palestine. I was among the delegates that wanted to show my solidarity with the Palestinian people, meet with Palestinian activist groups and learn about conditions on the ground first hand. The trip was organized to coincide with the Canaan 10 th Annual Olive Harvest Festival at Burqin, Palestine.

The itinerary included visits to the Palestinian cities of Ramallah, Nablus, Nus Jbeil, Sebastia, Jenin, and East Jerusalem. In Ramallah we met with the Stop the Wall Campaign, a Palestinian grassroots organization against apartheid and the illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian lands. In Nablus we met with women’s cooperative organizations that manufacture Palestinian organic olive oil soap, maftoul, freekeh, spices and other products.

In Jenin we met with the Palestinian Fair Trade Association…

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