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Why did El Pais lie that “Communists and Nazis are alike” and “fight together” in Eastern Ukraine 

As NATO powers stock more weaponry, troops and bases to encircle Russia, and thus confirm that they absorbed the countries in Eastern Europe for the same reasons Hitler allied with them in the second world war – that is, to attack Russia – Western mainstream media (read, state &corporate-controlled media) had reached a new level of propaganda, embracing the Nazism in Ukraine and even urging western governments to follow the same totalitarian measures which the fascist government in Kyiv has been enforcing over the past year. (1)

One of the most revealing episodes of western propaganda against Donbass came with the news that eight Communists from Spain were arrested as political reprisals, because they fought against Kyiv’ lebensraum war waged against the population in east Ukraine.

Government of Ukraine waging war against the population in the east of the country to “purify the nation” which in western media is reported as “defending the homeland”.

Unlike the Spanish Nazis who slaughtered civilians in east Ukraine, fighting on the side of Kyiv, these Communists were arrested by the Spanish government, when they returned home, for opposing Kyiv and apparently for “breaking the country’s neutrality”.
Hypocrisy aside, even more shocking than that was a statement, attributed to those arrested and which was widely circulated by western propagandists, that these “Communists fought alongside Nazis” because they are both “alike”.

This statement was published by El Pais, the day the Spanish communists returned home and while they were under police arrest:
Half of them are Communists and the other half are Nazis. We fought together, Communists and Nazis alike … We all want the same: social justice and the liberation of Russia (my note: Donbass) from the Ukrainian invasion.”

El Pais claimed that these were the words of the Communists, who told them so in an interview, which did not happen. This statement is simply a fabrication and a lie. The Spanish newspaper never interviewed the Communists. They printed the words they attributed to them while the Communists were still under police arrest.

This report was fabricated (2) using an old interview with the Spanish Communists, and distorted in such a way that it claimed exactly the opposite of what the Communists said in that interview, the only one they ever gave.

Pretty shocking to hear that Communists joined hands with Nazis, isn’t it? In fact, isn’t this exactly what the West has been doing all along – not the “commie” part, but the “joining hands with Nazis” one? Yup (3). See, the Nazis are not so bad after all, since even Communists could side with them “for a common cause” (this is even more shocking than the “joining hands” part).
This is supposed to induce that these Nazis are not so bad after all, for the West , who did join hands with them, ideologically, too. It reinforces post WWII and Cold War narrative, according to which it was not West’s fault that they “had to” fight the Soviets in the Cold War and doing so they “had to” ally with Nazis. Never mind, that before World War II, they helped and supported Nazis and fascists all over Eastern Europe, and, in particular, in Ukraine.
Never mind that, after the February 2014 coup, the fascist government of Ukraine sett up “a ministry of truth” to dictate what the public in Ukraine must be told; journalists have been bombed, attacked, tortured, arrested, hunted and assassinated; there is a law that puts people in jail if they say the government wages civil war against eastern Ukraine, and commands all media and all people of Ukraine to speak instead of “Russian aggression”, which they never proved. Never mind you see all these transplanted to Europe, where Brussels-based journalists demand that EU officially set up their own “ministry of truth” to “counter-attack” “Russian propaganda”, that is to support whatever NATO claims without expressing the slightest doubt about it. This is already happening, but they want it to be the official policy of EU. During the entire Ukrainian crisis, and even before that, western media have constantly covered up the crimes of the Nazis, downplayed their influence and power, even denied they were Nazis (liberals in US even called the Nazis’ propaganda site,, a “leftist site“), while inventing Nazis in eastern Ukraine, and demonizing the local population.

But the fabrication of lies about the Spanish communists, intentionally, reveals something even more terrific: that, indeed, the ideological agenda of the nazis in Ukraine is not only supported, but also embraced and shared by US-controlled western media, in this particular case, El Pais.

“There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the time comes.” – Ernest Hemingway

Proof that El Pais invented the statement they attributed to Communists, with whom they never spoke, comes from the timeline of events:

“In fact, it’s impossible that these declarations were obtained that same day. The article in El Pais was published at 17:30 pm (and let us not forget the time they may have needed to interview them, edit the obtained material and publish it on the site; for all this to happen, the combatants should have been set free at 16:30, hours before they police let them go). The news about them being set free started to appear late in the evening, and during the night. Let’s take for example other mass media of Madrid: ABC published the news about their release from police arrest at 22:54, El Diario (the fastest one, as it’s exclusively online news portal) at 21:51. And NONE of them ever mentioned any declarations made by the communists who had been arrested. The spokesman for the “Committee to the Support Antifascista in Ukraine” in Madrid, Ramiro Gómez, also said they were set free at night. We can see that it was simply impossible for El Pais to fetch these declarations so that they could publish it at 17.30.”

Another proof that they fabricated the statements comes from the fact that the Communists talked to nobody in the media at all before being released from the police arrest. The only footage of them was filmed by the Spanish police themselves, and, if you watch it, you can see there is no media they talk to. (see video of the arrested Communists, filmed by Spanish Police) El Pais fabricated and published the false statements while the Communists were still under police arrest.

Most likely, El Pais selected parts of what the communists had told, months before (in November 2014), to Lur Gil and Ibai Trebiño, for Basque magazines, rewrote and added to them in such a way as to fit the newspaper’s ideological and political agenda. “El País has obtained this information from another source, without naming it. They took it from a personal interview conducted by email with the volunteers by the publication, Diario de Noticias. This was the only interview granted by the communists who fought for Donbass and has been published in Argia and Berria.”

In this interview, Sergio, Hector Miguel and Oriol talked about the Communist ideology among the rebels in Donbass. They said that among the rebels there are some people who had “different ideological backgrounds,” but they never mentioned any Nazis. On the contrary, they repeated over and over again that they were fighting against Ukrainian Nazis who attacked Donbass.

They talked about some people who were “patriots”. Indeed there were some white nationalists from Europe and some nationalists from Russia on the side of the rebels in Donbass. But these men were drawn to Donbass by war, not by the ideals or the struggle of the local population, like the Spanish communists were. (4) They actually said they refused to share their battalion with anyone who was not Communist.
At some point, one of them said: “Those who have a different ideology must reconsider WHY they would be fighting in our group.” What he meant was that there was NO place for Nazis among them. They said that they and the locals were fighting against Nazis, and that they are fighting for the people who live in Donbass, the same way the International Brigades fought for the Spanish people against Franco’s fascists in the 1936-1939 civil war and social revolution. They said that the fight against Nazis was indeed theirs, but that what would happen next, after the war was stopped, would be up to the local population.

The Spanish Communists clearly said they were there to fight the Nazis of Ukraine, supported by NATO and EU. So El Pais simply invented that they had said “Communists and Nazis alike”; it is a sinister lie.

This is what they said in the interview which was used by El Pais to fabricate lies:
That they decided to join the rebel militias in the east after the Odessa massacre committed by the Nazis on May 2, 2014, which was covered up by western media.
“Apart from this, we want to contribute to the creation of a socialist state in Europe, and assist and protect the civilian population from attacks by Kyiv. This is a fight against fascism and we are indebted to the International Brigades who came to Spain in the 1936 to help us fight the fascist coup.”
“We are here to fight fascism. It is the first time in many years that there is real potential to contribute to building a socialist state in Europe. As communists, we could have not missed this historic opportunity.”
“Our primary military objective is not to stop until saving the future state of Novorussia of the fascist scum. They (Kyiv) have provoked this war… The red flag will wave in Europe.”
“The presence of Communists in the popular resistance is very prominent. There are two full units of communist ideology… and there are communists in other units too.”
He says that he passed through more units until he got to the one where all fighters were communists. “The main reason for changing the units was the ideological differences; ideological diversity exists among the militia. These differences have made us feel not comfortable at all. Now (the fall of 2014), however, we are fully satisfied with ourselves and with our new colleagues.”
“The main change compared to other units was in the dismissal of hierarchies. “Here everyone is equal, no commanders.”
“There is great nostalgia for the Soviet Union among volunteers fighting in the militia. Since the collapse of the USSR everything has turned worse and people are aware of it.” He added that Communism is the main ideology within the militia.

They are asked about how “the insignificant minority of ultra-nationalists” among the resistance in East Ukraine has been used by Western “leftists” to excuse and justify the crimes committed by Kyiv and NATO against the civilian population in Donbass.
They responded: “The leftists who justify the killing of civilians by fascists should rethink their ideological position. Some have called us Nazis and we laughed at them. People who have been here are the only ones who can speak knowing what is happening here, the rest is speculation from a distance of 3000 km. I want to make clear (said Sergio) I am more red than the blood that runs through my veins. Nobody is going to change that.”
“The struggle for Novorussia is a fight against fascism, against the oligarchy and is also a national struggle. It is against the fascists of Kiev and against the oligarchy that plundered the post-Soviet Ukraine. In addition, it is also a national struggle, because the people defend their culture, language and communities.”
“On the front, a thousand things go through your head. There is a lot of adrenaline and sometimes you’re afraid you’ll die. Sometimes you wonder why you’re here.” (This shows they are not war maniacs, like the Nazis in Kyiv and Lviv.)
They say that they were not paid, they did not go do Donbass for money: “Unlike the mercenaries who are fighting for Kyiv, supported and financed by NATO and the European Union. They are the guilty ones of what is happening in Ukraine.”
As you can read in the interview, the volunteers do not mention any Nazis, and they do not say that they were fighting with any Nazis. They only say that they shared the brigade with “nationalist” or “orthodox”. This was not mentioned by El País,” because it would have exposed their fabrications,” said the person who took their interview by email.

El Pais simply put words in their mouths, when they said that, among the rebels in east Ukraine, “50% were communists and 50% were Nazis”. In the interview El Pais used to fabricate their propaganda, nobody ever said such a thing; on the contrary. “50% Communists – 50% Nazis” was something El Pais simply made upEl Pais twisted their words to fit existent perceptions in the West, and this should worry the leftists in the West, just as much the Nazis in Ukraine should worry them.

“Propaganda is of no use to the politician unless he has something to say which the public, consciously or unconsciously, wants to hear.” – Edward Bernays

The aim of El Pais’ fabrication was not only to discredit the Communists, but also to implicate the Russian government directly in the civil war in Ukraine. Their report says the Spaniards reached Donbass after “after a stopover in Moscow, where they met a Russian official.”

This is another lie. The foreign fighters in fact went to Donbass through Rostov: not via Moscow.
Other fighters arrived in Donbass from Kiev, Odessa and Volgograd: not through Moscow.
When they left Donbass to go home, the communists went through Moscow, not to see any “Russian officials,” but to meet officials from the Spanish embassy to obtain the necessary papers so they can return home legally. “The police know all these details, as well as they also know that there was no other legal possibility to leave Ukraine and return to European Union. Some who tried to do so were forced back to Russia, where they were detained by the police and later expelled. This has been the “favor” Russia did to the Spanish militia.”

Why would El Pais lie that Nazis fight for social justice and equality, when this might even offend the Nazis themselves? Could they be so ignorant not to know that Nazis actually want exactly the opposite?
Ignorance is not the answer here.
The accusation that communists joined hands with Nazis because they would be “alike” is so shocking that, assuming they ever had such intentions, the leftists in the West would simply back off and would want nothing to do with the resistance of the rebels and of the Donbass people, because they would consider that these are anything but communists.

This accusation was rather presented as some “revelation” with the intent to suggest that El Pais has “unearthed” “the hidden truth” about the population of Donbass; that is, that they lied they were resisting Kyiv because of Nazism, and to confirm western propaganda’s claims that these people were nothing more than Putin’s arms in breaking up Ukraine. That they’re not like real individuals with their own minds and their own lives, families and family history: they are just Putin’s pawns. (It’s so strange how Western media always attribute to others their own totalitarian way of thinking.)
El Pais report, upon which nobody cast a single doubt, insinuated that because “half” of the fighters in Donbass share a certain ideology – Nazism– the people of Donbass must identify with them, even more since they adhere to a common space with Russia and, we already know from western media and western leaders that Putin is “Putler” (the new Hitler, that is). Projection works like this. (5)

By extension, the claim that Donbass resistance was “half Nazi” was meant to fuel the western propaganda against Russia: that this country is a danger to humankind, that “it’s a fascist, rogue state prone on lebensraum, under the sword of Putin who lives in 19th century and who embarked on warships to conquer the world” because “he hates our freedoms”, of course. (Russians are also portrayed as a faceless crowd of mindless pawns who are backward and blindly follow their “master” into the abyss; when they are not directly insulted, mocked and depicted as some pathetic, failed copies of Westerners.) These accusations were meant to be so absurd with the intent to deny Russia the right to defend herself against US-led NATO’s aggression. West’s aggression falls in the steps of Hiler’s war against Russia, through Ukraine and through Middle East and even Asia. That these are NATO’s plans has been admitted by Strafor openly and publicly. They are “afraid” of Russia’s resources so they are going to “defend” against them by getting their hands on them. Such is “the logic” of the empire.

The Spanish newspaper mocked Spanish communists for living in the past of the International Brigades, in an imaginary past, one that is totally disconnected from reality, since, you guessed right: There.Are.No.Nazis.In.Ukraine. All these people who see them are not to be listened to because they can’t be serious: come on, Nazis in 21st century? Supported by the great democratic civilized West? Those flags and swastikas popping up everywhere they set foot in Ukraine? They don’t mean them, it’s just how romantic male warriors have fun; and anyway, even if they mean them, these Nazis are “heroes” because they “defend their homeland” against “Russian aggression”, as the propaganda goes in the western media. They tortured and raped women too, but nothing wrong with that, it’s stuff to be expected from men-with-guns-in-times-of-war; you see, war is tough, you are expected to understand and maybe even feel compassion for these rapists who tortured and beheaded women. Rape and torture of women in villages and cities the Ukrainian uniforms invaded and occupied are secondary issues, there are bigger stakes here, such as the profits of Western corporations and the victory of “the empire of good”. “Rights” are for “humans”, not quite for women, in the great civilized western world.

Anyway, the reports in the Spanish papers, and in other media which spread them like wild fire, were intended to prove that Communists in reality were and are just like Nazis – this is part of a huge, decades-long, conceptual and ideological propaganda against Eastern Europe. The West admitted this policy in their 2008 Prague declaration, which made the absurd claim that “Communism was just like Nazism”, and marked Europe’ slide down towards fascism. (Not surprising, western media was dead silent on UN’s resolution against Nazism, since US and Canada voted against it.) Its roots are in the propaganda against communism captured by Hayek’s lies that leftists intentionally contributed to the rise of fascism and Nazism, and in such a way that they desired to see Nazism victorious, when in fact they were defeated by capitalists and western governments supporting Nazis and fascists before and after the World War II. (6) This lie confirmed once more that western media, controlled by US in particular, serve not just corporate interests, but also an ideological agenda, aimed in particular at discrediting leftists, be they socialists, communists, and anarchists.

“Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the media.” — Noam Chomsky

Why this obsession?
In Donbass, the rebels – who are mostly local working people – do fight Nazis and fascists supported by Western governments. The propaganda against Donbass was even more powerful than the propaganda for expanding the war in Ukraine to Russia; this is how crucial it was for Western governments to cut Donbass off from any international support. (7)
It worked (8) because leftists refused to let themselves be seen supporting the same cause as the Nazis and fascists in their own countries, in spite of the fact that leftists should be aware of Nazis’ constant attempts to parasite social struggles to gain credibility and win the public on their side.
Ironically, most western leftists deny that Donbass is fighting Nazism, while the Nazis in Lviv and Kyiv acknowledge they are faced with anti-fascist resistance and this drives their fanaticism to crush and wipe out the local population.

Another way to hide the Nazis in Kyiv was to relate to politicians the West pushed to power following the coup, while silencing the fact that these politicians were able to overthrow the government of Yanukovych with the armed support of the Nazis, by violence, not election, while being supported and even trained by the west for many decades. In Ukraine, these Nazis are the ones who control the politicians and this has become obvious with their success to use politicians in colonizing the state security apparatus – the police, prosecutors, secret service and the last bastion, the army. They openly blackmailed the president and even their own politicians to keep going the civil war in eastern Ukraine in particular, and to push for laws allowing them full control over state power. This is how they entered the parliament and this is how Dmytro Yarosh has been “offered” the position of defense minister. Immediately after that he said he wants to deport the population of Donbass, which is a normal statement in Ukraine these days; his instigation to violence followed official statements by the interior minister of Ukraine who said he was sorry they did not kill all in Donbass.

In Ukraine, especially in Kyiv and Lviv, the Nazis and fascists are the armed uniforms in the battalions of UNA-UNSO (aka Right Sector) death squads, which were incorporated in the National Guard (who are now trained by US National Guard in Lviv), and those who run the secret service of Ukraine (their Gestapo, SBU) and tortured and killed ordinary people and political opponents they kidnapped; and now after the oligarchs’ war burst out, their leader is to be given an official position in the defense sector. Dmytro Yarosh had obsessed for a year to obtain this; the army being the last structure of Ukrainian defense and security apparatus which was not totally colonized by Nazis. After he was offered this position, the Ukrainian president went even further: he claimed that 80% of SBU (Ukrainian secret service) had always been “Russian agents”. This signals a major ideological cleansing within the SBU, which already acts as Ukraine’s Gestapo, so that they can make room for more Nazis to be taken in SBU.

There’s total silence in the western corporate media about how these Nazis have colonized the security, police and army apparatus of Ukraine. Not surprising.

What is even more damaging for the Spanish newspaper is that they and others in the western propaganda acted as political police towards the Communists.
“The propaganda of El Pais was of assistance to Alberto Sicilia, a contributor to Publico, who “used a story about some fighters from France, aired in July by a French television, to justify the detention of young Spanish anti-fascists and to justify the repression of political dissent, showing that they are capable of anything.”

Why would El Pais stoop so low?

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” – Edward Bernays

El Pais, as well as western corporate media (mainstream and alternative) are part of this invisible government. However, such blatant fabrications probably were not imaginable when the paper was not owned by a billionaire from the United StatesNicolas Berggruen, who is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (of the spearheads of the US empire, its members supported the coup in Ukraine and they also intend regime change/war with Russia).

El Pais is part of PRISA, the major Spanish media conglomerate, founded in 1972 which, as of 2010 came under the control of this billionaire, through a US hedge fund, Liberty Acquisition Holdings, which owns 51% of the Spanish company. This billionaire also funded Huffington Post, and has a grip on major universities in US. He is a member of the Brookings International Advisory Council and the NYU President’s Global Council, and part of the leadership at organisation Council at Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership, a member of Harvard University’s Global Advisory Council, as well as a trustee of the Asia Society. This billionaire financed Democrats in the US and conservatives in UK; basically he’s a Thatcherite.

Part of Ukrainian propaganda in the US sponsored civil war against the population of Donbass has been to hide their own fascism by accusing the people they bombed in the east of being “Nazis and fascists”, “orthodox fundamentalists” and other labels meant to confirm the accusations already constructed in the perception of Western public by the propaganda against Russia.
In particular US controlled media and propagandists supported by US were instrumental in their efforts to portray Kyiv as a political space which was not dominated by Nazis and fascists (they even lied the Nazis were “leftists”), and which was terribly concerned about the fascism of the population of Donbass. It was as if the February coup brought to power a communist government, which rendered the western propaganda absurd since the Nazis in Kyiv banned Communists, “suicided” dozens of them, voted laws to cleanse them from state apparatus and are hunting them down, kidnapping, torturing and killing them as a way of governing.

Repeated denials about the influence and power the Nazis have gained in Kyiv, with the open support and instigation of the United States, have been relentless in western media. When it became too embarrassing to keep ignoring them, western media had to mention them, but always stressing they were “a minority”, focusing on individual Nazis with the intent to downplay the scale to which the Nazis had colonized state institutions and even set up their own parallel state, and, what’s even more important, hardly ever mentioning the program of their “national revolution”.

These Nazis consider they don’t have a state now, in spite of the fact that Ukraine is a separate state, because the “national state” they want to achieve, as OUN commandments demand, is an empire. An Ukrainian empire, expanding on the territories of Russia, cleansed of the population in the east, either by exterminating them or by deporting them.
Faced with undeniable evidence, western media resorted to calling them “a minority”, singling out just some battalions, avoiding to see that the laws adopted by Ukraine fell under this ideology and even praising them as “freedom fighters” and “heroes” who are defending “their motherland from Russian aggression” (how they call the civil war waged by Ukraine against the east of the country). Not even when Minsk I&II admitted that Ukraine must get out of Donbass, because it was too obvious they were waging war of extermination, state terrorism and ethnic cleansing, western media still refused to admit the Nazis were the core of the new ruling class which their governments helped bring to power in Kyiv following the armed coup, military-style organized insurgency between November 2013-February 2014.
The terror and fear the post-coup government has dragged the parts of Ukraine they control into has been censored by the mainstream media; the forced poverty, the destruction of economy, the closing down of hundreds of schools, the layoffs, and the absurd hikes in the costs of life – all inflicted by the IMF upon the population of Ukraine – have also been censored by western media, when it was not blamed on Russia, when Russian media reported it all.

Western media even attempted to create the impression that the Nazis were even “radical leftists; which is seriously disturbed considering that their own deeds, words, actions, reasons for slaughtering, and political ideas prove these people are Nazis.

The song of fear in western media has been that Russia is a danger for Europe because they would plan to destroy Europe by poisoning it with fascism. Sadly, Europe does not need Russia do to that, it’s all too willing to do it on her own. But the fear built-up as rationale to “save Europe from Russia” has embraced this idea that even war must be necessary to save it from “Russian fascists”.
The key word here is war. If you listened to the rage of these propagandists, you’d say they are the most radical leftists in Europe, and that even the United States have become a beacon of radical anti-capitalism; sadly, reality proves it not so.

There is no western media which criticized or alerted their public over the Nazis NATO and especially US have been breeding in Ukraine.
During the maidan they simply ignored them; after the coup they claimed they were a minority (a lie: the February coup was executed by paramilitary groups of UNA-UNSO Nazis, storm troopers).
When the civil war started, western journalists embedded with the Nazi battalions, just like they embedded with US army in their imperial wars. Western journalists do not report on Ukraine, they control the information so as to safeguard the space US and NATO need to fabricate their war against Russia.
This is why even when they report about Nazis, western journalists portray them as heroes, romantic men who are the “absolute victims”, and who committed so many war crimes that even “human rights organisations” could ignore them any longer, and even the Ukrainian governor of Lugansk demanded Kyiv to prosecute them.

The embrace of Nazism by western media is institutionalized. Western reporters have embedded with Nazi battalions ever since the civil war in Ukraine started. This somehow did not surprise anyone, which shows it comes natural for western media (read, western corporate states).

These “journalists” praised the Nazis while they were slaughtering civilians, bombing villages and cities, and kept dead silent on the official positions of the government in Ukraine about the war, because these exposed that Nazism was officially employed by the state of Ukraine.
Even when they had to mention Nazis in the Ukrainain death squads, they lied with the purpose of downplaying their influence. Even when in Lviv the Nazis welcomed them with guns in their hands in public pubs, western reporters still lied that Swastikas they saw around them everywhere were just some “ancient symbols”, nothing to do with Nazism. (see this BBC PR for Nazism in Ukraine.)

AIDAR has been accused even by the Amnesty Intl for war crimes committed against the population of Donbass – torture included. Amnesty’s report said nothing about rapes, but recommended that the Nazis who committed the war crimes they talked about be incorporated into state police so that the Nazis “can be taught the law.” For real.

USA Today presented Nazism in Azov battalion as “one guy’s “personal ideology“, never mentioning that in fact this is the group’s ideology and the reason for which they demanded and got the civil war against east Ukraine. These “journalists” never ever mention that fascist ideology, of which Nazism is a part, is reproduced by the post-coup Ukrainian state in their laws, killing of political opponents and fascist repression by Ukraine’s Gestapo-SBU – which began in full force with the Odessa massacre of May 2, 2014 – and by the IMF’s economic policies in Ukraine (and in the rest of Eastern Europe, as a matter of fact). The lie that Nazis are just some isolated cases has been fully exposed by the head of Ukrainian Gestapo (the secret service SBU), which also has a political propaganda department headed by a Nazi from Svoboda. The head of SBU, V. Nalivaichenk, is a long-time mentor of Dmytro Yarosh, they both were in UNA-UNSO, and, when the maidan in Kyiv started, they rebranded UNA-UNSO into Right Sector (to make it look spontaneous).  Personally, Nalivaichenk, like almost all politicians in power now in Ukraine is not only a Nazi, but also a crusader. He wants to redesign SBU following the model of OUN/UPA, the Nazis who welcomed, recruited killers and slave workers for Hitler’s armies and factories during WWII. What he says is that he wants to turn SBU into a more fanatical and bloody Gestapo. Personal ideology, indeed. He made this announcement days after the Ukrop president invented excuses for the ideological cleansing of SBU, claiming that 80% of their personnel were “Russian agents.” Whenever they want to force more Nazis in the state apparatus, they immediately invent “Russian agents,” or claim they fight corruption, they being the worst corrupt individuals in Ukraine.

Nazis marching in Lviv, April 2014, praising SS officers in World War II together with the commander of UPA and other historical figures.

Nazi page called “The revival of Hitler””joking about Holocaust: they call ovens in extermination camps “Jewish solarium.” Popular page among Ukrainian youth.

Nazis’ main war is always against the communists, so the Prime-Minister Yatsenyuk announced that he wants to ban the “communist ideology” starting from May 9. They actually want to ban anyone who would defend the access of people in Ukraine to public services, resources and wealth. But let Yats call SBU to arrest anyone who shares something without demanding money  – because sharing is inherently communist. But for the Ukrop president and his gang in power, this is “terrorism.”

These are not just words. These politicians, who are blackmailed, threatened and controlled by Nazis, actually enforce a Nazification of Ukraine. Poroshenko praised the flag of Nazi collaborator and later CIA’s Stepan Bandera, that is Nazi UPA flag, today UNA- UNSO. He said, “Under this flag, soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [allied with the Nazis] went into battle. … Pay attention! The flags of Ukraine and the European Union are dyed in the same colors! This is a self-explanatory and important sign!” Probably he sees the dawn of the “Ukrainian empire” in this sign. Prime-minister Yatsenyuk also praised UPA and accused the Soviet Union of invading Germany in WWII, claiming that Hitler was the victim in the second world war. Poroshenko also admires Bandera; he agreed that the Holocaust collaborator and Nazi ally should be a“national hero”,  whatever Russia might say because other countries also have heroes who are “controversial” for other countries. By his logic, Germany could also name Hitler a “national hero”.

Poroshenko, the Ukrop president, made himself a special uniform, the badge says “Cynical Bandera” and he gives the thumb up to express his happiness for wearing it.

Bandera’s Nazis were the most cruel among Hitler’s death squads, in particular they loved to kill and torture children.

Jewish kid in agony, starving, in the ghetto of Warsaw.


These are Ukrainian UPA in SS who took part in the crushing of theWarsaw ghetto uprising, August 1943. They had just executed the Jewish partisans they captured.


Ukrainian Nazi in UPA executing Jewish civilians, during the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.

Polish children tortured and killed by Bandera’s Nazis in UPA.

Lviv 2014, Bandera is admired in Western Ukraine in particular for siding with Hitler’s army and for the massacres UPA have committed against Jews, Poles, Russians, other Ukrainians socialists, communists.


Pogrom against Jews in Lviv, July 1941, committed by what was later known as UPA, the armed gangs of OUN. 

Western Ukrainians parading for Nazis in Lviv 1943. Later they claimed they “fought the Nazis”.

Ukrainians from UPA who were guards at the Belzec extermination camp. Later, they claimed they fought the Nazis during WWII. Today they are heroes of Ukraine.

These are Ukrainian UPA in SS, “fighting against the Nazis” as US government lied for them.


Nazis during the February coup in Kyiv, 2013-2014.

Bandera’s Nazis committing the Lviv pogrom against the Jewish population, July 1941, the day after Hitler’s SS arrived in Lviv.

Bandera’s Nazis celebrated in Lviv, July 2014; they are heroes in Ukraine today.



So you learn from USA Today that there “only” “10-20% are Nazis in Azov“. A sponsor and collaborator of the Ukrainian fascist diaspora in US, Andrey Moytl found this to be an exaggeration and counted only some 30-40 Nazis in Azov, in an incredible article in Foreign Policy, where he says Azov’s Nazi leader speaks just like GOP in the US; actually this is not far from reality. It’s absurd how far they go to downplay Azov’s Nazism. Men come to this group exactly because this is a Nazi battalion – now upgraded as regiment and incorporated in the ministry of interior -, part of the vanguard of the “national revolution” in Ukraine.  Nazis join this group coming from Sweden, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Canada, Germany, Poland, US, Belarus and Russia; the difference is that Western countries cover up for them, while in Russia they are arrested and jailed; lots of them actually had to escape to Ukraine where they got political asylum and citizenship, even from the hands of the Ukrop president of Ukraine. Rich bastards pay them, some of them Saudis, who also pay Chechen killers to slaughter eastern Ukraine civilians on behalf of Kyiv government. Azov is the battalion which bragged that they are the “newFreikorps” of Europe and was formed on the backbone of Patriots of Ukraine which were the armed storm troopers of SNA, a Nazi and terrorist organisation, supported by highly placed politicians in Ukraine (such as the first vice prime-minister of Ukraine in the first post-coup government of Ukraine, by the current minister of interior, and the Prime-Minister of Ukraine, Yatsenyuk); also part of the larger Nazi organisation, UNA-UNSO.
Just a month before the maidan, a Nazi from the Patriots of Ukraine was sentenced to 40 years in jail, in UK, for terrorism, after he butchered an imam with a knife and tried to blow up 3 mosques, “to start a racist war” for “the white race”. (9) The conservative government of the Thatcherite David Cameron, and almost the entire political spectrum in UK are some of the staunchest supporters of these Nazis in Ukraine.

This is the ambassador of the United States, lying without any shame. The pic he posted is a secret grave near Odessa, Ukraine, where Ukrainian soldiers and possibly civilians from Eastern Ukraine are buried as “surgical waste”. The Ukrainian government hides the real death toll of the civil war it waged against eastern Ukraine. These are not Russian soldiers, they are Ukrainian; the pic is not from Donbass (rebel controlled), but from Odessa (government controlled).

Yet, USA Today lies that Nazism is “a personal ideology” of one Nazi, Alex, shown in a photo laughing and just being a cool guy; indeed, Nazis are not so bad for the West. The Guardian also chatted with them at a beer when they took a breath from slaughtering civilians in the east… you must understand that Nazis are nice people who fight “terrorists” from Russia in their homes in Donbass, kill them in their beds, on the streets, in hospitals, in schools, in markets, in workplaces, in the playground…

It’s not only that USA Today lies, but they actually outrageously insult the intelligence of their readers. They quote Azov’s deputy commander, Oleg Odnorozhenko, who “complained that Alex does not speak for the group. “If he has his own sympathies, it’s his own matter,” Odnorozhenko said in a former high school serving as a base” (USA Today presents this war crime as some innocent fact; it’s a “former” high school because Nazis occupied it on purpose, even if it’s not allowed by international law that schools be turned into military outposts; but in Ukraine the government sends Nazis on purpose to occupy schools in the east and turn them into military bases, so that students are denied education). “But he has no right to make statements in a way they can be construed as the position of the regiment. He will be dealt with severely for his lack of discipline,” says Oleg Odnorozhenko, Azov’s deputy commander about his subordinate, Alex.

LOL. What?
This guy, Oleg Odnorozhenko, who says these words, is no other but the chief ideologue of the Patriots of Ukraine and of SNA, a fanatical Nazi, historian by profession.
Even BBC, which otherwise constantly whitewashed the Nazis in Ukraine and was a propaganda channel for the coup in Kyiv, had to admit this much: that Nazism is mandatory to join Azov, and unless it is embraced by Azov warriors, it could have them expelled from the battallion.

Oleg Odnorozhenko considers that Azov represents “European identity fighting Sovietness”; translated: Nazis fighting Communists (another proof that El Pais lied horribly). Odnorozhenko explained lots of times that their ideology aims to turn Ukraine into a “natsiokratiya”; that is, the dictatorship of the nation, a fascist program commanded for future generations by the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists before, during and after World War II. They, the current para-military groups which sprung from Nazi UNA-UNSO, consider themselves the ideological and spiritual heirs of UPA, who had been part of Hitler’s death squads in Eastern Europe. UPA instigated/committed/participated at the Holocaust against Jews, and committed atrocities in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Russia, they had butchered their Polish neighbors. The massacres of Russians at the hands and knives and torches of Ukrainian nationalists started long before World War I.

Here’s “the main ideological referent of Social-National Assembly, PhD in History Oleg Odnorozhenko”, as he presents himself:
“Ukraine exists to achieve its main priority: expanding to become “a great power, mastered by Kyiv of the natural geopolitical space between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, and to steadily expand in the northeast direction (our note: over the territory of Russia). This is our concept of Ukrainian great-might (our note: he means “empire”). On this are based our views of the history of Ukraine as the country with the imperial past and the continuous great-power competitions of the military elites of our Nation.”
That is, they want to expand Ukraine and set up the Kievan Rus empire, “an Aryan empire” of the “Ukrainian master-race” whose manifest destiny is to destroy Russia and dominate Europe and EurAsia. They hate and want to exterminate or enslave all non-white people and all people who do not submit to them.

“Natiocracy”, the ideology of the nationalism of the deed of the 1920 – 1940 is “today’s modern nationalism” of “the generation of the cruel youth,” engaged in the Winter Revolution (maidan&February coup) and the War for Donbass. “We rely only on our own forces of the Ukrainian Nation, its Will to life and victory. Namely, this spiritual “kindred” connects our generation with the generation of the Heroes of the 1920 – 1940,” Oleg Odnorozhenko says.

Here’s the most important of them, SNA leader and Azov commander, Andrei Biletsky (also elected a Senator in the Rada, his party is part of a political alliance of the Ukrainian prime-minister Yatsenyuk), his subordinates consider him the fuhrer of “the white world”:

“Apart from the question of purity (of blood), we must pay attention to the issue of the usefulness of the Race. Ukrainians are a part (and one of the largest and the highest quality) of the European White Race. The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival. A crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen (sub-humans),” as it’s been published in a manifest called “The ideology of SNA”, translated in Russian by WotanJungend, a Nazi organisation from Russia, part of Azov. Their nationalism is based on “the blood, which is the foundation of the Race” and the nation is “a single biological organism“. “UNA-UNSO ideologist and trainer, Andrei Shkil, explicitly said whom he believes embodies “social biology” in action: “people who place small explosive devices near big synagogues.” (this source forgets to mention that the mentor of Svoboda’s leader has been Neo-nazi Le Pen from France’s FN; and that Yarosh’s mentor has been Alastair Bullman, leader of a Nazi organization from UK, Blood&Honour; and that that most important source for Ukrainian Nazism has been their diaspora from Canada, United States, Australia).

A decade ago, Shkil was speaking of a UNA-UNSO cell in Moscow, and this Nazi organization has even older branches in Belarus too. When he was in Rada, among the cronies of Yulia Tymoshenko after UNA-UNSO instigated the western-backed and sponsored “Orange Revolution” of 2004, Andriy Shkil registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill to ban abortions, “at the specific request of the Vatican and the Greek Catholic Church.”

“There will be a NEW NATIONALISM based on elements of social biology (of course, in a very selective manner). For example, ‘People are genetically unequal’ assert the Rightists. ‘Nations are genetically unequal’ we assert.” “Paraphrasing de Benoist’s “first the winning of minds, and then the winning of power,” Shkil’ adds “only after uniting the head with the flexible strong Ukrainian body can we deal with Europe and only then can Europe deal with us.” (Source)

What Nazi Andrei Biletsky says here comes straight from the political and idelogical program of UNA-UNSO whose goal is the establishment of the “Ukrainian Aryan empire”: “We replace the slogan “Independent Ukraine” slogan “Great Ukraine”. Ukrainians are a nation with an ancient imperial history. The task of the present generation to create the Third Reich – Greater Ukraine. And this question, oddly enough, is not so much political as biological. Any living organism in nature tends to expand, multiply, increase. This law is universal for the person and for the Nation-Race. To stop this is the nature of extinction and it means death. Inhibition of population growth leads to biological death of the Nation, the cessation of political expansion and decline of the State.”

Nazism makes them “strong”: “We will take all (land) that is rightfully ours, and even a little more. We’ll build a superpower empire – the Great Ukraine, which is a legitimate legal successor of the Scythian and the Kiev-Russian empires. If we are weak, then we will be dying among the conquered peoples. Because that is the nature! The choice is ours!

Nazism for them is “a shield to all the ancient Ukrainian Aryan values ​​forgotten in today’s society. Only their revival and embodied in the life of a group of fanatical warriors may lead to the final victory of European civilization in the world struggle. Glory to Ukraine!”
They are Nazis as in Hitler-like Nazis. Here’s Andriy Shkil, one of the main ideologues of UNA-UNSO, the nazi who trained and formed these Nazis in UNA-UNSO for years. In this video, he said: “One Ukraine, one nation, one people, one president” and then he gave the Hitler salute.

They want to abolish any form of democracy. Biletsky claims “democracy” leads to “the degeneration of the nation” because it’s “not based on a hierarchy of natural born leaders”. He urges the Nazis to take the whole power of the state so that they can impose the dictatorship of the nation. (Andrew Biletsky – “Ukrainian Order”, Social Nationalist edition, №2 – March 2010)


“I know there will be an hour when Ukraine will raise and the lands – Don, Kuban, Caucasus will be ours!”- Sashko Bilyi, a Nazi leader of UNA-UNSO: “Muzychko has vowed to fight “communists, Jews and Russians for as long as blood flows in my veins”. During the First Chechen War he led the UNA-UNSO “Viking” group.”

Nazi UNA-UNSO’s program reproduces the tenets of OUN in 1920s, whichcommand Ukrainians to obtain ‘a state or die fighting for it’. This image – UNA-UNSO Nazis conquering Moscow – explains what they mean by ‘state’: Ukrainian Aryan empire. It was posted after US-backed fascist coup in Kyiv.

Here’s Igor Krivoruchko, another leader of SNA (the political arm of Azov, which is also represented in the Parliament, in an alliance forged together with the prime-minister of Ukraine, IMF’s man, Yatsenyuk):  “The ideology of our organization is called social-nationalism. The underlying idea of the nation as the optimal form of the existence of human society. In this case, the term “nation” should be understood not some abstract, political invention, but a very specific understanding of it as a blood & spiritual community. We also reject democracy and consider it unacceptable form of government for our country. Our political doctrine called “natsiokratiya””, a concept of government, which rejects any form of democracy, because it claims that the military elite is the only cast which must rule the nation.”


Ukrainian police during the massacre committed by Nazis against anti-government people from Odessa, May 2, 2014. Police, already controlled by Nazis in Kyiv, was complicit with the Nazis in Odessa in organizing the massacre. These policemen are wearing shields on which you can see the Nazi symbol Wolfsangel, which is the symbol of Azov and of the “Ukrainian revolution”, next to the cross in a circle which is the worldwide symbol of neo-Nazism. These policemen were pretending to be defending the people in the trade union building in Odessa, but they never stepped inside the building where the Nazis were butchering the Odessites, in the moments when this picture was taken.

UNA-UNSO Nazi during the Odessa massacre of May 2, 2014, shooting people who were trying to escape from the building set on fire by Nazis.

Nazis have colonized all state institutions following the May 2 massacre in Odessa, which marked the new phase of the “Ukrainian revolution”: fascist repression and state terrorism against anyone opposing the Nazis in the territories they control and civil war in the east of Ukraine.

November 2014, Lviv: Nazi lecturing high school students about “Great Ukraine”, meaning Ukrainian Aryan empire.

Western governments refuse to admit they support Ukraine fascists, neo-Nazis, ultra-nationalists and religious fundamentalists: they are never directly and openly questioned about this. Whenever anyone draws attention to them, the supporters of these forces start pointing fingers at Russia, in an attempt to divert attention from them or even justify their existence. But they do not say that paramilitary Nazis from Russia and Belarus were among the Right Sector who led armed battle on the streets of Kyiv with the former police when the Nazis confiscated state power during the February coup.

A Swedish Nazi making money from killing who flew in Ukraine on a private jet – paid by a rich bastard – repeatedly said that their goal in killing the population of Donbass is to establish “a white Europe and a white Ukraine,” or as Yarosh and Azov might say, “a white Reconquista“.

Other epic moments in journalism

The Guardian involuntarily exposed that Ukrainian women killing in the civil war against eastern Ukraine were Nazis, when they printed a photograph with one of them posing next to a van on which you could read the Nazi symbols 14/88 (14 – David Lane’s white supremacy 14 words; for Nazis 88 is a code for “Heil Hitler”; next to the insignia of a Nazi division from the second world war,  36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewangeranti-partisan operations.

Nazi “Anaconda” presented as heroic “freedom fighter” by The Guardian.

Initially, the Guardian made no mention of their Nazi ideology, but did so only after readers demanded them to. The article is praising these Nazis. One of them, nicknamed “Anaconda” says for her “The only problem is to find a room to change.” Why would Nazism be a problem for a Nazi, after all? The Guardian has a practice already at whitewashing Nazis in Ukraine and praising them as “heroic” “freedom fighters”, while covering up their ideology, the reasons for which they kill the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine and also their war crimes.

One of main propagandists of the coup d’etat, this liar from Murdoch’s Vice, has been fired at when tried to visit one of Azov’s bases; he lied about the Nazis influence in Ukraine, a bullet was the confirmation of his own crap.

French magazine Elle published photographs of two other Nazi girls, one of which is Vita Zaverukha, member of UNA-UNSO, participant in the Odessa massacre, in the civil war she was part of Aidar battalion, accused of numerous war crimes against the population of eastern Ukraine. She is a fanatical Nazi – she published pictures joking that the ovens Nazis burned Jews in concentration camps were “Solarium for Jews” and she repeatedly demands the expulsion of Jews from Ukraine; not to mention the sadistic mockery she makes about the starving children of Africa, whom she compares with the population the government in Ukraine starved on purpose in Donbass, during the civil war. She tortured pensioners her battalion kidnapped in the east. Elle claimed they did not know she is a Nazi, though her pictures are public and more than eloquent. She praised killing people in east Ukraine as something that “keeps her alive”.

UNA-UNSO Nazi presented as hero by Elle magazine; on her social media pages she posted this which says “Ukraine without kikes”. Kikes is how the Nazis call Jews.

She filmed herself having fun bombing a village, where there were only civilians. For fun, you know?

“Make sure you film the village too.”

“OK, ready?”

“Not good light, but OK: shoot!”

“Where did it hit?”

“Who knows?”


Other epic moments in Western journalism were when Vice finally discovered a swastika in Ukraine for the first time in months. Their reporter covered up that the Ukrainian army was simply bombing a village to kill as many inhabitants as possible; but their reporters also show US troops on the front in Ukraine involuntarily. Another Murdoch media, Sky News, glorified the Nazis from Azov, and joined them even in their Nazi torch marches. To name just a few examples from virtually all western mainstream media.

BBC reporting on Nazis’ attack against the Russian embassy in Kyiv, not seeing any Nazis. The Swastikas were painted by them on the fence of the Russian embassy, as their own signature.

In conclusion, here’s Azov’s MP commander, Andrei Biletsky: “Unfortunately, among the Ukrainian people today there are a lot of ‘Russians’ (by their mentality, not their blood), ‘kikes’ (derogatory term they use for Jews), ‘Americans’, ‘Europeans’ (of the democratic-liberal European Union), ‘Arabs’, ‘Chinese’ and so on, but there is not much specifically Ukrainian… It’s unclear how much time and effort will be needed to eradicate these dangerous viruses from our people.”

Poor Nazis, they are so stressed it will take longer to “purify” their “nation”; western media will be there to assist them every step of the way.


The site of a designer from Ukraine, hacked because she was writing in Russian.

Nazi Yarosh commanding that protests against the mobilization for the civil war in Ukraine be censored by the media.


Huffington Post not only supported the fascist coup in Kyiv; they also promoted “a global maidan“. Their articles are quite appreciated by Ukrainian Nazis.


New York Times, war propagandist, Thomas L.Friedman, invited over by one of the coup’s oligarchs, Victor Pinchuk, the same guy who funded Hillary Clinton with millions of dollars, he was Clinton’s “top cash contributor“.

Apparently, this means to be “a good expert” on Ukraine.

This is a site of the Russian Nazis who are in Azov, the interview is quoted above.

(1) US will train even Azov Nazis on 20 April, on Hitler’s birthday; while 70 percent of draftees (even in Lviv, Nazis’ stronghold) are running away from the civil war.

(2) Why would such an important mainstream newspaper from Spain risk to discredit themselves like this? First of all because Spain supports the Nazis who control most of the state power in Ukraine, and the Spanish government they just passed a fascist law criminalizing basic rights people have to express dissent towards abuses they endure from the government. Second, to discredit Donbass in the eyes of the communists and anarchists in Spain, and among the Western leftists, who could bypass their differences and unite in supporting the antifascist fight of the people in east Ukraine. Third, to intimidate their own anti-capitalist resistance at home: the Communists were arrested because of their political convictions; this places the Spanish state on the same line with the fascist government of Ukraine which hunts down communists to annihilate them ideologically, politically and physically. Presenting Donbass resistance to NATO-backed post-coup fascist government of Ukraine as “fascist” and “nazi” was a main pillar in the propaganda machine of western governments and media, ever since the maidan in Kyiv.

(3) Dr. Daniele Ganser, “Nato’s Secret Armies“; documentary here; THE GUNS OF AUGUST: Nazis, NATO and the Color RevolutionsScott & Jon Lee Anderson – Inside the League (1986). See also, “The anatomy of fascism” by Robert O. Paxton.

The source of the following is a file CIA declassified in 2007 under the Nazi war crimes law, which explains how the US government erased the war crimes committed by their Cold War allies – the Nazis supported today by the west in Ukraine are the heirs of those – during WWII when they embraced not only Nazism, but also the Nazis. Part of Ukrainian propaganda and rewriting the history is that they are “unique in the world”, because during WWII, OUN’s storm troopers, UPA, fought against “the nazis as well as against the soviets.” This is a lie. UPA did not fight against the Nazis – this has been confirmed by German archives. They did not even fight against western armies which were the enemies of Hitler, because they asked Hitler not to send them fight the westerners. They only fought the Soviets, and got defeated in almost identical ways like they were defeated by the workers of Donbass during the civil war from our time:

“Is quite farcical for modern Ukrainians to allege that Bandera’s gang were never Nazi collaborators. From 1933 through 1949, one faction or another of the OUN was always in bed with the Nazis. The lower-level staffs were dominated by the OUN all through the Nazi occupation. They were armies of the Ukrainian Holocaust, the members of the police battalions, the soldiers of the S.S..”

“The myth of Bandera, the freedom fighter, was invented by the American Intelligence after the defection of Lebed and Ruchardt. In 1951, a false version of OUN history was created to convince American immigration authorities to drop their ban on OUN members. Bandera himself was protected from arrest by the U.S. Intelligence, and the horrible Nazi records of OUN atrocities were hidden from public view. The classified files point a very different, and very damning portrait of the OUN leaders.”

This prosecutor, John Loftus, saw and knew of documents which proved that OUN and UPA collaborated with SS and committed war crimes during Hitler’s occupation of Eastern Europe and invasion of Russia. He said he read documents which are evidence that Stetkso’s OUN (Stetsko got to lead the OUN after Bandera’s death) “collaborated with the Nazis” and “were involved in atrocities”. He says these documents are Nazi records which he read in original and which were kept in the U.S. National Archives.

“The U.S. Government had a Nazi document entitled “The treatment of the Russian problem during the time of the National-Socialist Regime in Germany.” For nearly 40 years the contents of this voluminous manuscript have been classified TOP SECRET by the U.S. Army, and was available, until very recently, only to federal employees.

The manuscript is a personal account of the recruitment and secret collaboration of various Russian, White Russian, and Ukrainian groups with Nazi intelligence during World War II.

The author is an unimpeachable Nazi source, S.S Obersturmbannführer Friederich Ruchardt, who helped coordinate the Nazi mobile killing unit (Einsatzgruppen) on the Eastern Front. In return for his encyclopedic knowledge of secret Nazi collaborators, including the OUN, Ruchardt was hidden from the Nuremberg prosecutors by American Intelligence.  The remainder of the Einsatzgruppen leaders were convicted as major war criminals and, with few exceptions, were hanged. To my knowledge, Ruchardt was the only S.S. Einsatzgruppen leader to escape justice.

… I had unrestricted access to the still classified eleven volume collection of the OUN/B which Mikola Lebed turned over to Army CIC, which consists of the internal files of OUN. Professor Dallin and I are perhaps the only people alive who have had complete access to the original Nazi records of the OUN which have been classified by the American Intelligence for the past 40 years.

The Ruchardt S.S. manuscript is indisputably authentic. I have a declassified translated version in my possession. The original German manuscript is in the Top Secret Vault NO. 6 ACSI-ID (unreadable) Index Confidential Informants Series, Maryland.”

“I find it amusing that some Australian Ukrainians are denying the Nazi roots of the OUN. According to Ruchardt the OUN in Australia was in secret contact with high-level Nazi party leaders prior to 1933 through a man names Konovalets. According to Ruchardt (p.8) “Konovalets was the head of the extreme-nationalistic Ukrainian secret organization OUN which was active all over the world and supposedly was financially supported especially by Ukrainian emigrants in Canada, USA and Australia.

It developed a very active subversive and conspirative activity and would also not refrain from violence. Confirmation of Ruchardt’s charges can be found independently in Sayre and Khan’s book “Sabotage” (my note- here you find what pressures Ukrainian fascist diaspora exerted to dismiss these accusations), which describes OUN terrorist activity on behalf of the Nazis in pre-war America, including torture chambers, bombings and robberies.”

Admiral Canaris, head of German Military Intelligence (Abhwer) noted in his diary that he planned to use the OUN for “the annihilation of the Jews and the Poles” (Nuremberg Doc. 1047-p.7)

Ruchardt confirms that the plans were carried out (p.158): “The cooperation existing between the German authorities – particularly the German intelligence service – and the OUN become effective for the first time in the German-Polish war when the OUN supplied services of all kinds to the German armed forces entering the Ukrainian settlement areas of Poland.

After the OUN proved its Nazi devotion in the Polish campaign, Ruchardt notes (p.159):  “The germen intelligence service continued the promotion of the OUN because it was the intention to make use of its connections for their own intelligence service, as well for the actions behind the Russian front during the expected war… Based on this assumed decisive back-up, the OUN showed an increasing radicalism… This provoked a split in the OUN… whereby the more moderate predominantly older members, led by Colonel Melnik, left the organization while Bandera continued its policy.”

According to Ruchardt (p.16), Bandera’s faction OUN/B continued through 1940 and 1941 with the planning for Operation Barbarossa: “In the south of the eastern front, in Ukraine, the above mentioned Ukrainian nationalist organization OUN had been very much used already during the preparation of the Russian campaign by the German armed forces, particularly German intelligence. A close cooperation had been developed between the OUN under Bandera and the German authorities…” Ruchardt notes that OUN’s role increased after the invasion to a new and more sinister role (p.26).

“Thus, the OUN was used, before the war, largely for intelligence purposes and later during the advance, to put at the disposal leaders knowing the regions and the language as well as for purposes of sabotage actions behind the Russian lines.”

For the first time, Ruchardt confirms that the OUN was secretly behind the selection of local collaborators for the Nazi security machine in the Ukraine, p.26. “Ukrainians, mostly persons named by the OUN, were then also immediately nominated as temporary mayors, police chiefs etc.” Mykola Lebed was in charge of the internal security section of Bandera’s OUN faction (OUN/B) and helped the Nazis hand-pick OUN members to staff the police forces all across the occupied Ukraine.  Lebed later provided his files to the U.S. Intelligence, including the security checks for some 8,000 OUN members listing their positions in the Nazi police and security agencies.

Ruchardt admits that these local police forces created feelings of terror in the conquered areas (p.27): “Even though the first contact with the German occupation power – the organizational confusion, the lack of planning, the first arbitrary measures of violence, the first shooting of Jews… – already created often mistrust and even “already aversion and feelings of hatred,” Ruchardt’s S.S. account confirms Dallin’s independent charges (id at p.119) that: “During the following days of chaos it became obvious to the Germans that Bandera’s followers, including those in the Nachtigall regiment were displaying considerable initiative, conducting purges and pogroms”.

Dallin adds in a footage: “For some information on Banderovites excesses (my note: SIC) against Russians, Poles and Jews, as well as members of the rival OUN/M, see W. Diewerge ed. Deutsche Soldaten echen ale Sovietunion (Berlin, Limpert, 1941), p.45, Einsatzgruppen reports July 16, August 9 and 28 1941; Petro Yarovyl (New York) 1951, 138-49. “Dallin’s footnote indicated that these Ukrainian Einsatzgruppen reports are not available to the general public. These incriminating S.S. records, like Ruchardt’s manuscript, were also classified by the U.S. Intelligence to protect the OUN.

Not to be outdone by OUN/B in anti-Semitism, the S.S. noted that OUN/B has promised Hitler that they would also free Europe of its Jews. (Unpublished S.S. Einsatgruppen Report, July 13, 1941). No one denies that Yaroslav Stetsko, in one of his first acts of “government” issued a public call for the destruction of the Jew-Bolshevik menace in the Ukraine. The murder of Jews was the official policy of both political factions of OUN. The Nazis followed the same policy in every country they invaded: hire a native organization to secretly recruit police volunteers who would help the Nazis with their mass executions. The Ukraine was no exception.

As Ruchardt notes, p.73, these local police battalions were granted some advantage by the Germans, including better rations in return for their “security tasks”. The nature of these “security tasks” is well-documented in the West German court recording in 1976 in several cases where Ukrainian police battalions committed systematic mass murder. In addition, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Canada has identified an OUN leader in Volyn as one of the police commanders who supervised the infamous massacre of Jews at Babi-Yar.

Some Ukrainian revisionists have claimed that the OUN could not have collaborated with the Nazis because its leaders were persecuted and imprisoned within a month after the war. There is only little truth in that. One faction of the Nazis, the Gestapo, hated the OUN. Other factions, including the Abwehr and the Ostministerium supported the OUN enthusiastically. Ruchardt’s faction, S.S.-9D (Ant VI), at first hated the OUN, but soon changed its mind when confronted with the task of policing the Ukraine with only a handful of German troops.

Stetsko and the other OUN/B political leaders were temporarily arrested after their premature declaration of “independent” Ukraine offended the Gestapo. Some of the pro-Stetsko police chiefs were removed, but by and large, the OUN-dominated police force not only remained intact, but the S.S. out of necessity actually expanded them in 1941-1942 from mere auxiliary policemen to full-fledged police battalions.

Sensing a new dependency (or weakness) by the S.S., Bandera sought to avenge his previous betrayal by organizing his own military force. As Ruchardt notes (p.160): the military group of the OUN being called UPA… started a lively partisan activity and grew constantly in numbers through the Ukrainian youth who wanted to avoid being sent as workers to Germany.”

For a brief period of time, the OUN had its own renegade force hiding in the forests which would fight anyone who bothered there, including the Germans.

In order to vain potential police recruits away from the political leadership of the OUN, the S.S. dangled a new halt in front of their houses: the elite honor of having their own Ukrainian S.S. Division. The new S.S. policy was enacted by the new governor for Galicia, who was appointed at the turn of the year 1942/1943, and according to Ruchardt, p.160, “was considered a friend of the Ukrainian self-administration. Since he had good relations to Himler he succeeded in the establishment of an own Ukrainian division of the Military …. And that it depended on how they would prove in combat whether additional national wishes of the Ukrainians would be taken into consideration.”

The OUN was rightly skeptical of Nazi purposes and defections to UPA increased. At this point, the SS stopped negotiating with Bandera and tried to force him to obey their wishes (Ruchardt p.161). “Finally in 1943/1941, Bandera, Melnik and a large portion of the OUN leadership were arrested, even including their wives, by the Gestapo. Since Bandera refused to issue an order to UPA, which was active in his name, to stop its partisan activity, he was sent, together with the remaining Ukrainian leaders into the concentration camp…..

Although Bandera had been arrested and released by the Gestapo before, this apparently was the first time he had really been imprisoned. …

Bandera was more than willing to collaborate with Nazis… he asked to be released to coordinate the new OUN-SS alliance. “Thus, Bendera, Melnik and the other leaders of OUN, confined in concentration camps, were released in September 1944 or temporarily held in loose house arrest in a Berlin villa. (Ruchardt, p.238)

Bandera bargained hard throughout 1944 and 1945 with the SS for recognition of the OUN as an official fascist ally of the Third Reich. Until official recognition was given, Bandera would collaborate only to the extent of “joint tactical actions; if the Germans would be willing to render counter-services – for example, supply special weapons, medicine, etc. – one would comply with special German wishes concerning the blasting of bridges, supplying of militarily important information, etc. on the part of the UPA.’ (Ruchardt p.240)…

In the 70’s the communist propaganda machine bombarded the west with a barrage of largely truthful disclosures where western intelligence had protested OUN members who were actually Nazi war criminals.”

(4) Indeed there were at least 3 white nationalists from Europe and a handful from Russia on the side of the rebels in Donbass. But these men were drawn to Donbass by war, not by the ideals or the struggle of the local population, like the Spanish communists were.

During the fall, on the side of Donbass one guy, a white nationalist from Norway, joined a group of several nationalists from Russia; but their intention was to exploit the need of the local population for any external support so that they could promote their own ideology. They failed. There was also a Nazi from Russia who did all he could to make himself very visible, and he too used the anti-fascist resistance of the population in Donbass to gain personal fame. They were even invited by a Russian television to talk about the civil war, but this could be because Russian media rejected nobody who showed support to the population of Donbass, after the entire international community ignored for 6 months the slaughter committed by Kyiv in eastern Ukraine. It could also mean that these Nazis were not in Donbass by accident, but on purpose, due to the intentions of some of those who supported some of the fighters in eastern Ukraine. These interests could had in fact more to do with the conspiracies of the western governments and the relentless attempts to fabricate a coup in Moscow and overthrow the government. But this so far is just a speculation, based on the political and financial affiliation of some leaders of the separatists.

(5) Western media exploded that far righters organized a conference in Moscow late March, which gave them the opportunity to resurrect their demonization propaganda, while they never get so mad about the fascist laws their own states pass, not to mention their mainstream politicians and conservative media instigate rape of women, locking up gays in concentration camps, promote racism and the criminalization of poor people is already a fact. However they did not mention that the far righters conference could hardly be called a success, since from 90 organizations invited just 11 attended. They did not express anger that these fascists came from their own countries, in particular the mad racists and fascist nuts from UK. They did not mention that, whatever one may say about Putin, he, unlike western politicians did urge the public to turn against neo-Nazis: “Anyone who claims that “Russia is for Russians” is either an idiot or a provocateur. Russia is a multicultural, multi-national country.” This is not to say that police in Russia does not oppress immigrants just like the fascist police in EU does; but this position is the opposite position of what he did in the past he copied the western politicians’ model and encouraged them. He might have turned against them because he realized that the west does use nationalism to break down countries, he might have done it too late (Russia has a huge number of neo-Nazis), it’s still a fact that in the past years, and especially after the maidan in Kyiv, Russian judiciary hunts them down mercilessly. Now laugh: when nazis get arrested, western media cries that this is political oppression and calls these scum “prisoners of conscience”, as if Nazis had a conscience.

(6) Hayek and market dictatorship (what capitalism and its neoliberal phase should be called) promoters such as Milton Friedman expressed and showed support for Pinochet’s fascist bloody tiranny and economic and ideological terrorism, which was later to be imported in Latin America and in the rest of the western world by Thatcher and Reagan, to prevent global social justice movements like those who scared the hell out of them in the 60s. These economic attacks by the ruling classes against working classes in the West were assisted by NATO’s Gladio terrorist attacks in Italy, known as “strategy of tension”, to name just one example. “Less democracy” (euphemism for fascism) was needed so that capitalists’ attacks can be successful: Hayek’s claim pops up everywhere in our days, rather tacitly in Europe and brutal in the United States.

(7) In western countries this propaganda was confirmed by the white supremacists and fascists who, during protests in support of Donbass, filled the gap left behind and let themselves be photographed with those who protested the civil war in Ukraine, to use their protest for their own PR.

(8) It also worked because LGBTQ NGOs who were engaged in brutal war propaganda, even openly supporting the Nazis from Kyiv who tried to burn gays alive at least twice, managed to use discrimination against sexual minorities as a tool of war propaganda against Russia.

(9) On October 25, 2013, one month before the EuroMaidan started, in United Kingdom, Pavlo Lapshyn, a neo-nazi student, associated with Dimano Kyiv ultras and paramilitaries Patriots of Ukraine, was convicted to 40 years in jail for terrorist attacks (he bombed 3 mosques) and a crime he committed in the name of white supremacy (he stabbed 82 years old Mohammed Saleem in the back). Dinamo Kyiv ultras have been the main recruitment base for neo-nazis in Right Sector umbrella organisation, later incorporated in the National Guard and even in the army of Ukraine. Patriots of Ukraine are the military arm of the SNA, a neo-nazi organisation, and they fight in the east under the name of Azov. “Neo-Nazi literature and racist chants popular with Dynamo Kiev fans were among the disturbing set of literature found at his home  in Small Heath, Birmingham. Detectives also found a folder marked “White World” on Lapshyn’s computer which included a violent video game called “Ethnic Cleansing” featuring ‘soldiers’ from the Patriots of Ukraine.” He entered UK as a student, and within 5 days he committed all these crimes. This is what the UK judges said in their sentence: “On 18 May you (Lapshyn) created a file on your laptop that related to a Russian individual who characterised his asserted murder of people of Arab, Asian and Chinese extraction as being enemies of  “the race” and the killings as an agency of a Racial Holy War. In that same vein a video game was later found on your computer entitled “Ethnic Cleansing” whose central thesis was the killing of Africans, Latin Americans and Jews – together with other racist material in a media file entitled “White World” and other anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist material… When asked the reason for the bombings, you stated “racism”; “so I would like to increase racial conflict”. You stated that you had acted on the grounds of religion and colour…” (Source)

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