CiF responds to Cameron’s “defence review”

Whatever forces the British send will only be be a fraction of the Russian or French military.

After what the Russians are doing to them, it’s unlikely the jihadis will even notice.

Though you would never know it from the way the British talk, in purely military terms it barely matters whether they join the fight or stay out.

So we are going to spend money we don’t currently have even though we are preparing to make even more dire cuts against the most vulnerable and to what end. Our pitiful response would be so irrelevant in terms of what it could achieve but let’s not concern ourselves with the cost in financial terms – because we are a “World Power” – a broke one!


The Guardian is uncritically reporting a proposed £12billion increase in the UK armed services “equipment budget”, together with a package of other measures allegedly aimed at defending Britons from Russia/ISIS or whatever the bad guy du jour happens to be. This will bring the combined UK military spending on “defence equipment and support to to £178 billion, at a time when basic public services such as schools, hospitals, and even the police are being slashed to the bone in the name of “austerity.” There is also to be a 30% increase in the UK’s “counter-terrorism budget”, from £11.7 billion to £15.1 billion.

Unsurprisingly the Guardian report offers no criticism of these announcements, nor any presentation of counter-argument. Such critique is now left to the commenters on CiF, and almost never appears ATL. So, here we’ll do our bit to reverse that, and feature some of the best comments we have…

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