Open letter to Stella Creasy

The fact that many Syrian men are given an ultimatum to either fight for us or die has been noted by many F/B postings as well as blogs. It would seem Stella Creasy has absolutely no intention of representing her constituency and in fact voted in favour of bombing for her own reasons. So many of her constituents seem better informed than she claims to be, despite having access to tainted and dishonest intelligence. Time for her to move on and let someone willing to represent those constituents shoulder the responsibility instead of shirking it.


On Sunday December 6th 2015, I attended an event at which Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, attempted to justify to local residents – the majority of which, by her own admission, opposed the bombing of Syria – why she had voted with the Government in favour of extending air strikes.  Stella’s rationale left a number of fundamental questions unanswered, and reproduced below is my email to her following the event:

Dear Stella,

I was at the meeting on Sunday and unfortunately (frustratingly) didn’t get the chance to ask a question.  I felt, fundamentally, you failed to provide an adequate response to the key issue – namely what is the evidence that a bombing campaign is an effective, let alone moral, response to the situation in Syria.  Much of what you said consisted of emphasising how evil and barbaric IS is, and how ‘this is an organisation that throws gays…

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