Pentagon: Russian air defense grounds US warplanes in Syria

“US warplanes have also been conducting airstrikes against purported ISIL positions in Syria since last year.”
Purported being the operative word since the latest news to come out of Iraq shows that 10 Iraqi soldiers were killed whilst fighting IS by US air strikes. Either the US intel is really really good and the Iraqi soldiers are dead by design or it’s totally crap in which case what the hell are the US doing blowing people up if they don’t know who they are killing. You can’t have it both ways Obama.
That also means that the UK, who is dependant on US intel are also probably blowing up still more Syrian Arab Army as they did last week. So does Cameron know whether US intel is really, really good and the Syrian’s army base was destroyed deliberately, or was he relying on crap intel from the US and “made an error” costing the lives of innocent soldiers protecting civilians?
Clinton would have the world believe the US intel is second to none. So why did the US score an own goal and kill British soldiers in Desert Storm? She really does have her head up her arse, when she talks all we hear is shit.



Russian S400 anti-aircraft missiles arriving in Syria in late November 2015.

Press TV reports:

Russia’s deployment of sophisticated air defense systems in Syria, as part of Moscow’s aerial campaign against Daesh (ISIL) terrorists there, has forced the US to halt manned flights in some parts of the country, says a Pentagon official.

Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman admitted that advanced Russian air defense systems have complicated the situation for the US-led coalition over the skies in Syria, BloombergView reported on Thursday.

Russia deployed its S-400 air defense missile system to the Syrian city of Latakia in the wake of Turkey’s shooting down of its warplane over the Arab country last month.

The S-400 has a range of about 400 kilometers and can destroy tactical and strategic aircraft as well as ballistic and cruise missiles.

The move has ignited a debate in Washington on how to respond, said another administration official, the report…

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