This year was marked by a signal event which changed the whole character of the Syrian conflict.  For months, the president of Syria and his advisers were engaged in heated discussion about how to turn the tide of the battle which was entering its 5th year without any seeming light at the end of the tunnel.  As I have written before, Syrian Ba’athists, like all Arab nationalists, have a shared hostility toward foreign interventions, or worse, occupations, no matter how amiable the intervener might be.  But, all other things being equal, this war could drag on forever, as the Americans and British clearly wanted, with no winner on the ground and the country split into de facto cantons or principalities reminiscent of 18th Century Italy.  The objective for the West was to block the rise of Iran as a regional power stretching all the way to the Mediterranean via the planned natural gas pipeline crossing Iraq to Syria’s coast whose ancillary result was to render Qatar, an American puppet state,  into nothing more than a mild infection on the buttocks of an old camel.  For the Zionist State, there was more than mere Iranian power emerging on the stage; there was the issue of the technological monopoly the counterfeit apartheid state had planned to impose on the region which was now being challenged by a resilient Iran with capabilities far outstripping the Lilliputian dreams of these contemptible settlers from Eastern Europe.

The signal event was Russia’s entry into the war in Syria.  And there was more to this than merely sending bombers and advisers to help the Syrian Army.  For years, Russia had withheld crucial satellite and human intelligence from the Syrian high command for the simple reason that Russia wanted desperately to wrangle openly with Western machinations in Syria in order to send the message, which Vladimir Putin wanted to convey, especially to Obama, whom he despised perhaps more than Boris Yeltsin, that Russia was going to protect its turf wherever that may be on this earth; and that Russia would no longer be a willing partner to the mayhem which befell Libya after Britain, France and the U.S. snookered the world by using an S.C. resolution, meant to merely protect civilians, as a tool to effect total “regime change”.  Russian fury over this event in Libya has not been properly studied, and, it may never be a subject of study, given President Putin’s own background as a KGB officer in East Germany,  an agency notorious for its cult of secrecy in a country blacked out to the rest of the world by Markus Wolf, head of the STASI, who was even more secretive than Putin.

The reason why Russia did not share such intelligence with the Syrian Army was linked to Russia’s plans to expand into the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.  If the Syrians were not willing to entertain an overture for a deeper strategic relationship, then, Russia would withhold these benefits until their minds would change.  In Putin’s way of thinking, why should the Syrians deny to Russia, an ally for decades, the selfsame emoluments enjoyed by the United States in Qatar, Kuwait, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia?  If the Syrians are serious about a full strategic relationship, they had to offer more than letters of encouragement, pleas for credit or photo-ops.  Putin is quite serious about this.  The Syrians would have to accept a long-term Russian presence in their country in the shape of expanded port facilities and significantly enlarged air and ground bases.  Syrians would have to consider sloughing off some of their irrational nationalistic apprehensions in favor of gaining the full trust of the Russian Federation.  Dr. Assad and his Ba’athist counselors eventually buckled and came around to Putin’s way of thinking.

The robust Russian appearance has caused the United States to rethink what it was doing in the region.  This writer, by no means, is suggesting that Secretary Kerry’s recent agreeableness on the diplomatic stage with his counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, evinces a departure from the malignant schemes of the entrenched neo-conservative fifth column on the East Coast – to the contrary – nothing has changed but the methodology of achieving ends consistent with the desire to blunt Iranian power; to satisfy Zionism’s technological bloodlust; to assuage the hurt feelings of the Saudi Wahhabist vultures who (as I have written before) fear Persia’s dynamism more than they fear their shabby excuse for a god;  and to preserve American control over a Europe which may become increasingly dependent for fuel on the East to the detriment of American hegemonism.

Once Foreign Minister Waleed Al-Mu’allim was tasked with inaugurating this new age of cooperation, and no sooner than the ink had been applied to the treaties which would bind Syria’s future to that of Russia, than the Russians unloaded the prize which was to alter the course of events which would bloody the noses of the deceitful, hypocritical and criminal mass murderer in the White House and his cabal of nihilistic Zionist pettifoggers.  Today, Syria has access to the rich butterfat of Russian intelligence which includes satellite images on the battlefield and Russia’s century-old network of carefully planted human resources.  What this means is American failure is at its most blatant – so blatant in fact, the left-leaning Western Media won’t even hint at it.


The Syrian Army today is much more powerful than it has ever been.  The arrival of first-class Russian and Iranian equipment and technology has had a salubrious effect on army morale with attendant improvement in recruitment opportunities.  With over 20,000 Iranian-trained fighters positioned in the coastal mountains whose purpose is known to be dedicated to eventually liberating Idlib Province, and with over 150,000 members of the Popular Defense Committees (NDF) who are made up of thousands of reserve officers, tens of thousands of superbly trained Hizbollah commandos,  and with over 10,000 Palestinian fighters within this core force – not to mention tribal groups now fighting with the SAA in the east, the Syrian military is capable of fielding a force of over 500,000 men and women in uniform.  This is not what the American, Zionist, Saudi, British, French and Turk planners expected.  Robert Ford, one of the architects of America’s disastrous policy, thought that the Syrian Army would collapse early on and turn against the Ba’ath government of Dr. Assad.  He banked on this.  Why, he paraded his stupidity around Syria by openly visiting traitors and various forms microbes in Hama and Homs, accompanied by his Gallic soul-mate, the hapless and corruptible Eric Chevalier, whose only saving grace was his penchant for fine wines.  Ford’s mistakes are some of the most humiliating in the history of the 21st Century.   And, yet, despite all that, known and suspected, the American government, under the leadership of Barack Obama, persists in prosecuting a foreign policy of abject failure and nightmarish incompetence.  Stuck to the Saudi Arabians, the Americans and Zionist Neo-Cons, are doomed to play out their dismal black comedy on a barren stage in a wilderness created by Samuel Beckett.

The power of the Syrian Army is linked tightly to the obdurate support it gets from Iran.  With a government in Baghdad that tacitly, but decisively, favors the continuation of the Syrian Ba’ath administration in Damascus, Iran consistently guarantees itself the access routes it needs for its natural gas pipeline to the Mediterranean and its military assistance to Syria’s army and Hizbollah.  Iran’s formidable domestic industrial capabilities make it a reliable ally on every level.  Iran’s money, its military industries, its technology have made it the pillar upon which the Syrian Army can rely in its war to rid the nation of the stench of Anglo-American-Zionist-Arabian terrorism.  Iran needs no detailed analysis.  Iran is a Shi’i state committed to the protection of fellow Shi’is across the Fertile Crescent.  It is also most interested in the development of its natural gas capabilities, (it has one of the biggest reserves in the world), and the extension of its influence to Europe.  With Russia as its ally in both military and economic areas, the Iranians have staked out a mammoth arena for the revitalization of their economy and international influence.

Iraq has a largely Sh’i government which shares the concerns of Iran, Syria and Lebanon over the evolution of radical Wahhabist militancy.  Iraq is most cooperative when it comes to the fight against ISIS or Alqaeda or any of the other groups who receive assistance from the Saudi regime.  And so, it is true, also, of Hizbullah, a group intimately linked to Iran’s theocratic government – a group so well-trained and financed that it is called the “special forces” of terrorism by the United States – even though the organization is anything but terroristic – and even though the United States has killed over a million Arabs in its persistent wars of genocide against nations of the Middle East – whilst Hizbollah has mostly killed Zionist soldiers and Saudi-supported savages in the defense of Lebanon and Syria.  There will be no change in the policies of Iraq, Iran and Hizbollah for the foreseeable future.

(Image: Franklinnow)

The exiled Syrian Opposition is exactly that: an opposition barking at the moon.  Oh, they have all the gestures of an opposition – they snarl at the cameras, froth at the mouth, roll their eyeballs, twitch and cringe  – make orotund pronouncements regarding the future of the Syrian president;  they ramp up their rhetoric at every opportunity to give the impression that behind the seemingly flaccid effects of their various conferences in Istanbul, Doha, Riyaadh and Cairo, there is something substantial going on which is ethereal, mystical and incomprehensible which merits consideration, even, awe.  If the truth be told, the exiled Syrian Opposition, call it what you will, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, is an empty bladder.  Even the shifty-eyed American president once described them as a bunch of doctors.  In reality, they are mostly a bunch of felons who struck it rich by scamming the empty-headed Wahhabist Arabians into shelling out moneys on the promise that these effete and craven ne’er-do-wells could deliver the MacGuffin, as Hitchcock used to call it, but, instead, delivered something else, a Golden Fleece, which is exactly what they did to the Arabians – fleeced them.  The names of the various luminaries in this astral cosmos of squelched fantasies are legendary, Ahmad Mu’aadh Al-Khateeb, George “Captain Kangaroo” Sabra, Ghassan “Shitto” Hitto, Burhan “Le Pipe” Ghalioun, Khaled “Mad Turk” Khoja, and the list goes on.  They are all united by one running theme – they are nobody.  Everyone of these hotel-rats would be beheaded if they were ever captured by the one and only opposition which has some credibility on the battlefield, to wit:  the Jihadist cannibals and savages created by none other than the same antagonists we mentioned earlier.  What a circus.

The terrorist groups infesting Syria are many, so many, in fact, they could fill a Yellow Pages for Terrorists.   Their names range between the frightful and the preposterous:  Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda, ISIS (or ISIL, IS, the Caliphate), Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya, Jund Al-Shaam, Jund Al-Aqsaa, Free Syrian Army, The Offspring of the Caliph Al-Mustansir, The Offspring of Muhammad, The Front for Struggle Against Western Toiletries, Southern Front for Zionism, and the immortal “The Brigades of Elvis the King”.  It is almost certain that the rubes who concocted this plan did not expect these hundreds of groups, some of which are just mini-Mafias, to proliferate like bacteria in a Petri Dish.  But, they did.  And in so doing, the present state of the “Opposition” on the ground in Syria is pure anarchy.  While the larger groups have, at times, combined their efforts in a coordinated fashion, they, however, spend most of their time plotting against one another; decrying the other’s pontifications; seizing the other’s territory; executing the others’ best officers and, generally, making life impossible for the ordinary Syrian citizen who is expected to believe that fundamentalist Islam has some foundation in a rational world.

One of the consequences of the expansion of Saudi-supported terrorist groups in Syria was to convince the Syrian population that the present government was the best of all possible governments.  The Saudis, Turks, Americans, French and British, the last three being self-congratulating purveyors of Western democratic ideals and snake oil, have made it clear that elections are not the answer to Syria’s problems, because, you see, if such elections are held, Dr. Assad would win hands down no matter who was running against him.  This is not what the Americans, Saudis and Qataris want.  They want Assad out, period, no matter if the entire democratic construct collapses like a pyramid made of toothpicks – which would never bother the Saudis or Qataris since their rule is based on one of the most tyrannical forms of governance known to ape or man.  The British, as I have written before, just want a failed state so that they can rekindle an affair with traditional imperialism, an idee fixe for David Cameron, England’s resident sociopath.  The French, well, they’d like to have their Francophonic subjects back in line to sing the Marseillaise – to expatiate for the sinking of the Jean D’Arc and for the other injuries their former slaves inflicted upon well-meaning French High Commissioners.

Now, the Russians and the Chinese, especially the former, are playing this whole democratic thing to the hilt.  As Pat Buchanan once wrote, Russia has become today’s Byzantium – the protector of Christianity in this world.  But, he also forgot to mention, that by insisting on a democratic resolution to the Syrian conflict, they, the Russians,  were also nominating themselves as the world’s true champions of democracy, diplomacy, sovereignty and pacifism.  When you know your man will win any election, how can you not come across this way?  Vladimir Putin, no stranger to manipulation, has struck pay dirt with this stratagem; leaving the Civilized West looking like an embarrassed clique of sophists huddling together to figure out how to explain the queer glue which binds them to the Saudis and Qataris.

The Germans are the odd man out.  Notwithstanding Angela Merkel’s proven competence in running a complex nation like Germany – she appears too much a Romantic when it comes to her European Union and the NATO Alliance.  She actually seems ignorant when she is confronted with the Syrian conflict.  She first sent over a “Shpionschiffe” which docked in the waters off Southern Turkey in order to monitor the movements of the Syrian Army, and, ergo, to help what was called back then in 2012, “the Syrian Opposition FSA”.  I don’t know what happened to that boat, but, it has fallen off everybody’s radar.  Today, she has ordered withdrawal of the German part of the NATO-provided Patriot Missile batteries from Turkey in what appeared to be a fit of pique.  Then, she manically, sent an aerial radar detection system to the Turks as though it were some consolation prize.  In the meantime, her chief of the Bundesnachrichtendienst, Gerhard Schindler, has been all too accepting of Syrian offers to work in the field of anti-terrorism and there is today a contingent of German BND operatives in Damascus working with Dr. Assad’s security services to improve Berlin’s chances of interdicting terrorist movements to the German Heimat.  The schizo nature of German policy as it relates to Syria only proves how little Berlin has been involved in this region.  The Germans appear to be at sea, all their sheets to the wind.  We must assert this, nonetheless:  Germany’s main interest is in being the first in line to engage Iran in very lucrative business and technological ventures.  This will control how Berlin deals with the Syrian crisis.  Look more and more for German opposition to any more sanctions against Iran, or for that matter, Russia.


If Cameron of the U.K. is a “sociopath”, then, Turkey’s Erdoghan is certifiably insane.  Some people believe, erroneously, that political leaders don’t allow their personal feelings to influence their decisions.  But, with some leaders who are afflicted with the disease of vainglory, it’s the personal dimension which dominates.  Only the presence of rational beings around him limit his ability to project pure pandemonium into every crevice of Turkish society.  Erdoghan’s madness is best reflected in his membership in the Muslim Brotherhood which is the foundation for his Justice and Development Party – an Islamist political party which is increasingly adopting measures more akin to theocratic systems of governance.  He lashes out at opponents in the media, closes their offices, bans them from the kiosks, arrests them for treason if they reveal his vital relationship to terrorism, chemical weapons and nepotism.  He encourages reversions to backward Islamic traditions and, thus, claims to be a proponent of social liberty – although, if the truth be told, he is trying to take the Turkish Republic back to the darkest of Ottoman times;  he is trying to unravel the legacy of Kemal Mustafa Ataturk, the founder of the secular Turkish Republic.  This maniac, who dreams of the restoration of the Sublime Porte in Istanbul, openly flouts the history books, ignoring the fact that the Ottoman Empire fought 12 wars with Russia and lost every single one of them.  And now, with malice aforethought, planned to shoot down a Russian Sukhoi 24 bomber, which, if it did invade Turk airspace, only did so for no more than a few seconds, and only in order to provoke the Bear.

Erdoghan wants to bring NATO into the conflict in Syria.  He is allied to the Saudi Arabians in that he is obsessed with the longevity of Dr. Assad.  He is willing to ignite a global confrontation between the nuclear powers just so he can be rid of a mild-mannered ophthalmologist whose secular life-style and taste in educated women does not meet his strict demands for the most rigid form of backwardness.  Dr. Assad is a member of the Alawi denomination of Islam, to be sure, and, he is extremely respectful of other religions which makes Erdoghan chafe.  Dr. Assad is not Muslim enough.  He has to be like Erdoghan, a relic of a corroded principle called Ottomanism.

Talk in Turkey of a “no-fly zone”, which never made any sense anyways, is now muffled because of Russia’s domination of the skies over Syria.  Talk of a “safe zone” is also a thing of the past.  With no more space for his bluster, he has shifted his focus to Iraq where his troops have unlawfully invaded the country on the pretense he is fighting ISIS, the same ISIS which is now using Iraqi routes to smuggle stolen Syrian oil and refined gasoline to Turkish middlemen in Turkey!  The terrorists had to find new routes because the Russian and Syrian Air Forces had wiped out hundreds, if not thousands of gasoline tanker trucks which the Turks helped ISIS to find.  That Turkey has negligible fuel resources is well known.  Its dependence on Iranian and Russian gas and oil is hardly a secret.  This madman in Ankara, actually envisioned, like Hitler, a kind of Lebensraum, in which Turkey would expand into both iraq and Syria, to commandeer their natural resources and enslave the people.  If you don’t believe Erdoghan is insane, then, you may be suffering fromanosognosia yourself.
But, psychosis, in the face of emptiness is hardly the terrifying condition it is purported to be.  The Arabians of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are afflicted with a disease far more treacherous and pernicious than mere insanity.  They are vacuum-headed plutocrats. Imagine a shrewdness (?) of apes with trillions of dollars at their control, pumping their money into any cause which satisfies their simian tastes.  How much emptiness does it take to consume a fortune based on nothing more than luck?  And how much of a void can add up to something more than an empty zero?  And, yet, that is exactly where they are at.

Saudi Arabia is broke.  It is broke because the House of Saud has been siphoning the nation’s money in order to replenish once-engorged accounts in Western banks.  But, the House of Saud is now almost penniless.  You see, their infatuation with the power of the rial, caused their former “intelligence” supremo,Bandar Bin Sultaan, to travel to Moscow for 2 meetings with Vladimir Putin.  Bandar came with all the power of a state bursting at the seams with money it wanted to use to overthrow the legitimate government of a member state of the U.N.  He offered Vlad money – lots of it.  When Vlad rebuffed him, he returned to Arabia only to reprise his visit when he would openly use his control over Alqaeda to threaten the Russian Olympic games in Socchi.  Vlad was not impressed at all, but, he would, nonetheless, conceal his contempt for this ape’s willingness to blackmail the leader of one of the world’s great nuclear powers.

Apes just don’t get, do they?  After Bandar’s fall from grace,  the Deputy Heir Apparent to the Throne of the Simian Kingdom and its Minister of Defense, Prince Muhammad bin Salmaan, also visited Vlad in Moscow in 2015 with another offer to buy Russian betrayal of Dr. Assad.  He offered huge amounts of loot which Vlad knew the Saudis no longer had.  He sent the prince back empty-handed.  However, to prove my point about the emptiness of the Arabian brain, the Saudis began a campaign to punish the Russians by driving the price of oil down to a level which they, in their mindless ways, thought would pressure Moscow into dumping Dr. Assad.  It didn’t work because the Russian economy is not solely based on oil.  Russia is an industrialized nation.  But, what happened instead was the bankruptcy of the kingdom.  They bit off their beaked noses to spite their own face.

Then, the Saudis did the unthinkable:  they invaded Yemen, a nation which, like Afghanistan, is viewed uniformly as the graveyard of conquerors.  If the Romans with all their grandeur, the Mamelukes, the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the British could not conquer it, how would the Saudis with their fake army and phantom equipment?  Why did the Saudis need a coalition to beat back some scruffy mountaineers?  Why did they implore Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, the UAE and the Sudan to come to their rescue?  Why, after 9 months, have the Saudis accomplished nothing but murdering wedding party attendees?  Why, after 4 years of the Syrian mess do the Saudis continue to finance terrorism by dipping into the personal accounts of the “royal family”?  Why are the members of the royal family leaving royal Arabia?


No discussion of mindlessness would be complete without an evaluation of Qatar’s frenetic foreign policy.  I rarely become vicariously embarrassed by the conduct of others unless it is so lacking in grace, poise and finesse that I cannot help but imagine my own humiliation as I am secretly filmed desecrating my personal existence.  A meeting of select members of the Arab League took place in Cairo in 2013.  The then-reigning Foreign Minister of Qatar, Shaykh Hamad bin Jaassem `Aali Al-Thaani (seen in the photo on the left with some Zionist Ghetto grub) stormed late into the meeting, all dressed in the same linens between which he slept the night before, and without even saying `hello’ screamed out about Dr. Assad:  “He must resign!”.  (Laazim yastageel!) Gee Whizz.  I mean, where did this guy learn his decorum? Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, these rabid weasels have been financing terrorism and proving their own connections to it by conveniently appearing during times of hostage crises to save the day through some form of preternatural knowledge.

A small country with a negligible population of indigenous apes, its real inhabitants are mostly foreigners who have come to work for subsistence wages only to live in cages designed for feral beasts.  The Al-Thaanifamily, like its cousins in the House of Saud, steal everything they can while leaving just enough morsels to keep their dipsomanic population satiated on dates, bananas, gin and porno movies.  Fearing a cataclysm of poverty after the Iranian oil gas line successfully reaches Syria,  the Qatari royals have already begun packing their bags in anticipation of the rage that will inundate their foreign-designed high-rises and skyscrapers built over the bodies of Filipino and Bangladeshi unfortunates who, through destitution, were forced to work for a race hardly worthy enough to shovel their human droppings.

And talk about small countries.  The Zionist Entity, (ZOC), a creation of the British, populated by Eastern European Jews drunk on tall tales of a deity who deals in real estate with the reckless abandon of a Greek God; positively pixilated by stories of sacred origins, of building pyramids in Egypt, of exile to Mesopotamia and all the other fatuous myths linking them to slovenly, disheveled males with a direct line to Jehovah, he, himself,  being a creation of sun-stroked Canaanites  living on the land of Southern Syria for a time, then, tossed out by the Emperor Titus only to return 2,000 years later in their Slavic incarnation, with their Khazar/Ukrainian DNA,  to play a game of “pin the tail on the Palestinians” – a Nazi improvisation no different than Jew-baiting.

And today, advertising their special genius, the anti-terrorist Zionists are sudden hoteliers for terrorists.  They provide Alqaeda with hospital care only to send the patient back to fight the good fight against secular Dr. Assad.  Since the Saudi allies control these terrorists, there is nothing to fear.  It’s the ones not controlled by the Saudis who are to be vilified, denied the comforts of Jewish clinics and quacks.  If Saudi Arabia says its okay to help Alqaeda, it must be just fine.  And so, the Zionists continue to provide haven, medical care, logistics, weapons and advice to the same monsters who devastated the Twin Towers in New York, Judaism’s second major holy site next to Jerusalem.  It is any wonder this apartheid state must be annihilated?


Our discussion of the situation in Syria has to address the role of the Kurds and the media.  These actors are like the proverbial elephant in the living room.  The Kurds have no real program other than an ideal which resembles that of the moderate Palestinians: they want a state of their own, however, across the north of Iraq to the north of Syria and, maybe, a part of southeastern Turkey.  The latter seems to be a non-starter and they might be happy with some kind of “self-governance” or “semi-autonomy” in that corner of Erdoghan’s Ottoman Otherworld.  In northern Syria, which concerns this writer, the PKK or the Kurdish Workers Party, a communist-inspired movement enjoys some cooperation with Damascus.  It is certain that the SAA delivers weapons to the PKK, although, it appears that many parties are vying for their fealty.  The United States tries hard to depict the Kurds as the “only” force which is fighting the Islamic State, although, as we all know the Americans are lying, as usual.

If American policy in Syria is to create mini-states which can be easily controlled through financial incentives courtesy of Washington D.C., the PKK has turned up as the most enticing object of American largesse.  The very fact that the Kurds seek a state of their own and are willing to fight for it makes them an ideal candidate for U.S. manipulation and empty promises.  I have discussed this matter before, but, I’ll repeat it, again and again, if necessary: The U.S. is intent on blocking the gas pipeline from Iran to Syria for the reasons I have set out ad nauseam.  If it has to be ISIS, then, to the U.S., so be it and the U.S. will continue to balance the existence of that terrorist organization against the secular government of Dr. Assad.  If it has to be the Kurds, who will police the territory under which or over which the pipeline has to extend, then, so be it.  It makes no difference to the U.S.  It’s the fact that an intractable, immovable obstacle is put in place to stop the pipeline.  And the more nominees for this role, the merrier.

The PKK is fully aware of the fact that the U.S. and other Western states view it as a terrorist organization and the few hints we get about the direction of that organization is that its leadership is cognizant of the cynical approach the U.S. is taking.  Add to that the fact that the U.S. is loath to alienate the Turkish regime and you have the Kurds of the PKK approaching American generosity with much circumspection.  Nobody likes to be manipulated for ends which don’t fit in with his or her ideals.  The Kurds are no different.  What also rankles the Kurds is the fact that Erdoghan is openly attacking them in their Syrian territory and the Americans don’t seem to be able to make the Turkish tyrant stop.  Moreover, the Kurds know the Syrians better than they know the Americans.  There is comfort in familiarity and a shared history.  The Kurds appear to be Hamlet in this play.  However, they have to make a final decision and it looks like they are leaning to Damascus.

Now, we are at the end of our list of actors in this violent tragedy so filled with the tartness and irreverence of a humour noir.  It started out with the Mainstream Media in the West curiously synchronizing its reportage with exactly what the Department of State and the British Foreign Office were hawking to the world.  I don’t’ need to repeat to my educated readers the kind of terms the MSM used and how it tried to manipulate opinion in the West while terrorizing our people in the East.  I don’t need to add anything about how the MSM protected murderous terrorists by ignoring their true nature and referring to them as “rebels”, or the fact that the MSM refused to tell its audiences that over one half of the killers were foreigners from over 90 different countries, all financed by the Stone Age regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The MSM, inadvertently created an Alternative Media – people who were committed to telling the truth and alerting audiences to programmatic lying in the discredited world of journalism.  We were websites like Global Research, Activistpost, MoonofAlabama, Pennyforyourthoughts, Almasdarnews, The Saker, and the list is long.  There were writers like Pepe Escobar, Tony Cartalucci, Michel Chossoudovsky, ‘Abdul-B aari ‘Atwaan, Dr. Rick Staggenborg, Ron Paul, even Pat Buchanan, all of whom contributed to enlightening Western audiences about the truth.  There were courageous and knowledgeable American politicians like Senators Richard Black and Tulsi Gabbard. We owe to them the gratitude of millions whom, if the AM did not exist, would be skulking about in a twilight world with rank villains like Obama and Cameron tripping them into the abyss.   The way it looks now,  it appears the MSM has been defeated in the U.S., England and France.  Italian media are becoming increasingly vocal in their support of the Syrian people and the government.  German news sources are viewed uniformly in Germany as yellow rags, disgraced by best-selling tell-all books revealing the lies they purvey to a very suspecting public.  For the MSM, it’s over.


Dr. Assad looks around at all the actors only to see pure anarchy infecting his enemies.  All the while, he pursues the endgame to its logical conclusion: victory for the Syrian people.  I feel it coming.  Dr.Assad has announced through his spokeswoman, Dr. Buthayna Sha’abaan, that his country would be participating in the talks in Geneva sometime in January.  Stefan DeMysterious, another Western patrician assigned to the “tilting-at-windmills” portfolio, is helping to put together a credible opposition to negotiate the future of Syria.  With such a cast of characters, how can we doubt the success of the talks?  With such a cast of characters, why even go?  EXEUNT.



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