The Strathclyde Review serves to emphasise the democratic value of bicameralism and clarifies the Conservative’s authoritarianism

This article by Kitty Sue of Politics and Insights is definitive in it’s research and a must for anyone seriously interested in understanding the role of Parliament and the two houses. For anyone who did not understand why Labour did not block the earlier bill which angered so many of their supporters, Kitty Sue explains it in another of her archived articles. This is one of the best sites I have come across for well informed fact on governance and the state of British politics.

Politics and Insights

Voltaire quote“The Government appear to consider that any defeat of an Statutory Instrument by the Lords is a breach of convention. We disagree.”  Lord Norton of Louth (Conservative)

“The conduct of Parliament is a matter for Parliament, not the Executive. The Executive is accountable to Parliament, not the other way round.” Lord Forsyth of Drumlean (Conservative)

“The assertion is that this House had acted in defiance of the Government’s “electoral mandate”. But the Conservative Party never told voters that it intended to make massive cuts to in-work benefits, and it won a House of Commons majority of only 12 seats on the votes of just 24% of the total electorate, so the claim that the Lords defied an electoral mandate is tosh.” Lord Howarth of Newport (Labour). Source: Hansard.

A Bicameral Parliament is one in which two assemblies share legislative power. One of the main purposes of the House of Lords…

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