Soul-breaking government scheme to provide “expert” employment “support” to young people in schools

Scary stuff but then much of Tory policy is frightening and frightful. This is how an insinuative manipulation of young minds starts, lowering their expectations and imbuing them with a set of values which are not theirs but imposed by way of subtle and manipulative mechanisms of doctrines introduced by selective language. It could also be described as Snake Oil Pathological Programming our Youth.

Politics and Insights

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The so-called “small state” government have pledged to intrude in schools to place “demand-led, Jobcentre Plus staff to supplement careers guidance and help schools deliver their statutory duty to provide high-quality, independent and impartial careers advice.” 

See government press release: Jobcentre Plus support rolled out to schools.

Isn’t all existing careers advice impartial?

Ah, “impartial” means to inform independent choice,” according to the newly introduced Careers and Enterprise Company,  who will work with Jobcentre Plus staff “to ensure schools receive a coherent and aligned offer.”

Aligned to what? 

The needs of local businesses and the labour market, and not the needs of young people.

To inform independent choice. That’s a bit like saying “If you do everything I say, you will be truly free to decide things.”  The Tories are experts in linguistic behaviourism, telling lies, prejudice and social control freakery, but not very much else.

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