‘Putin is Corrupt’ – Proclaims Most Corrupt Govt on Earth by Enrico Braun

Startling new evidence gathered by the US government shows the extent of Vladimir Putin’s wealth and corruption

So corrupt they can’t find his money…but it’s there. Trust them. After all they’ve never lied.
The US Department of the Treasury is gravely concerned about corruption in Russia.

The Moscow Times reported that Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the U.S. Treasury, Adam Szubin, accused President Vladimir Putin of corruption in an interview with the BBC’s program “Panorama” on Monday:

Putin is corrupt and the U.S. government has known this for many, many years
That’s nice. And very rich considering 75% of Americans in 2015 considered corruption to be “widespread” in the US government, according to Gallup.

And Juan Cole spelled out what most people know who are even vaguely familiar with how K Street and the corporate revolving door work in Washington, giving 10 ways the US is actually the most corrupt country in the world.

But as usual, the US government is more concerned with supposedly making the rest of the world a “better” place than addressing America’s own problems. Szubin continued:

We’ve seen [Putin] enriching his friends, his close allies, and marginalizing those using state assets that he doesn’t view as friends. Whether that’s Russia’s energy wealth or other state contracts, he directs them to people he believes will serve him and excludes those who don’t. To me, that is a picture of corruption
As usual, Szubin offered no evidence whatever to prove his allegations — not even low resoution black & white satellite photos of two black dots purported to be Putin passing illicit cash to one of his “cronies.”

Putin’s spokesman Dimitry Peskov treated the charge with the contempt it deserves:

None of these questions or issues need to be answered, as they are pure fiction…the voicing of such accusations by such agencies as the U.S. Treasury without actual evidence casts a shadow on this very agency
But not so fast Dimitry….breaking news! The US State Department has just released this astounding satellite photo:

This photo from an intelligence source the US is not at liberty to disclose, in a country the US is not a liberty to say, clearly shows a random field somewhere containing several large piles of cash hoarded by Vladimir Putin
Clearly Mr. Putin’s got some ‘splainin to do!



Own comment:

Yes, the US is totally corrupt,  but the UK is not far behind and then of course you’ve got Israel, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and the Ukraine. Unlike the “aggressive ” Russia, who abides by the UN resolutions on International Laws, which the US and UK have never broken, or the War Crimes, which the Ukraine, Israel, the US and Saudi have never committed, or the crimes against humanity which Israel, the US and Saudi have never committed, they are all in a position to call the kettle black aren’t they?

Currently, the UK is being investigated by the UN for it’s discrimination/crimes against the disabled(it has already been condemned by the UN for it’s housing policies which discriminate against the poorest). It has also been notified by the UN that their supplying of weapons to Saudi might constitute grave and systemic crimes against humanity and war crimes – probably. Very few people in the UK trust the current government in any capacity and not many trust the elitist and Blairite factions in the opposition party either. All in all, the UK governments who have conducted one illegal war in Iraq in cahoots with the US and are now likely to be found to have committed War Crimes in Syria, again, in cooperation with the US puts the UK, probably, in the top ten of corrupt governments.

As a certain editor of a well known blog would say “You just can’t make this stuff up”

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