Covert agents gaming Facebook to suppress political dialogue and censor information

It would seem there is a price to pay for being intelligent, perceptive and robust in reporting truths which other people want silenced. What is more worrisome, is that Facebook is being used to disadvantage certain popular opinion writers without allowing for any opportunity to challenge such corrupt activity. An alternative media site to Facebook is therefore, much needed.

Politics and Insights


Here is an illustrative list of tactics from the latest GCHQ document.


Yesterday morning whilst I was sharing this postin groups on Facebook, I received a notification informing me that my account was temporarily restricted, and that I wasn’t allowed to comment or post in Facebook groups for three days. No reason for the ban was provided, though the notice allowed me to click on “appeal,” which I did. But Facebook staff never read and respond to appeals or feedback.

This is the third such ban I have had from Facebook in the last twelve months, I have never been given any reasons for the restrictions on my account, and I have asked several times for them. There is provision for flagging up errors by following a link that says “if you think you are seeing this notice by mistake.” Facebook have never once provided any explanation of their…

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