Let’s keep the job centre out of GP surgeries and the DWP out of our confidential medical records

Please read this if you value doctor patient privilege, if you don’t the whole world and his uncle will be able to access personal information, one way or another. Kitty Sue advises and offers helpful links to opt-out documents to make things easy.

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Last year I wrote a critical article about the government’s newWork and Health Programme, I flagged up concerns regarding government plans to enlist GPs in prescribing work coaches for people who are sick and disabled, and providing advice on job-seeking. The private and confidential patient-doctor relationship ought to be about addressing medical health problems, and supporting people who are ill, not about creating yet another space for an overextension of the coercive arm of the state to “help people into work”, regardless of whether or not they are actually well enough to cope with working.

I also posted my article on the Pulse site for medical professionals last October, raising my concerns. I proposed that the government may use the “intervention” as an opportunity for sanctioning sick and disabled people for “non-compliance”, and I expressed concern that this would conflict with the ethics and role of a…

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