Thousands of disabled people have lost their specialist Motability vehicles because of Conservative benefit cuts and many more are likely to be affected

If you didn’t know it already, Kitty sue will enlighten you, on just about any aspect of this government’s discriminatory tactics against the disabled. Check out Politics and insights and have it in your newsfeed.
So McVey has shortened the distance you are able to walk without difficulty to 20 metres but thinks the seating along pedestrian routes (to bus stops, shops etc.) should be every 50 metres. What are they supposed to do within the other 30 metres – sit on the pavement? Sprout wings? Rocket packs?

Politics and Insights

358-burden-of-cutsIn 2012, Esther  McVey, then the Minister for people with disabilities, as good as admitted there aretargetsto reduce or remove eligibility for the new disability benefit Personal Independent Payment (PIP), which was to replace Disability Living Allowance. How else could she know in advance of people’s reassessment that 330,000 of claimants are expected to either lose their benefit altogether or see their payments reduced,as she had informed the House of Commons?

This was a clear indication that the new assessment framework was designed to cut support for disabled people. A recent review led the government to conclude that PIP doesn’t currently fulfil the original policy intent, which was to cut costs and “target” the benefit to “those with the greatest need.”

That basically meant a narrowing of eligibility criteria for people formerly claiming Disability Living Allowance, increasing the number of reassessments required, and limiting…

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