Iain Duncan Smith is bleating about valid criticisms of his draconian policies on social media and in the mainstream media

Ian Bunkum Smith(IBS for short) has got to be one of the most loathed, hated, despised men in England because of his wilful discrimination against the disabled, something the UN special rapporteur will pass judgement on. He surely cannot expect anyone with even half a brain or a dying body(needless to say “fit for work”) to even pee on him if he were on fire let alone feel sorry for him. Let him have his wah wah moment, the policies that he oversees could better be described as MONSTROUS let alone merely outrageous. Ably demonstrated by Kitty Sue of Politics and Insights and Mike Sivier of Vox political and not forgetting Joe Halewood of SP Eye Joe, between them, they have just about covered every aspect of the Tory “drive the poor into worse poverty and death” agenda.

Politics and Insights


The Work and Pensions Select Committee has just published some letters between Frank Field, the chair, and Iain Duncan Smith, who responded to questions about the correlation between benefit assessments and suicide.

Mr Field had asked what data the Department for Work and Pensions collects on the deaths of benefit claimants.

The issue had been raised in a research report by Oxford University and Liverpool University entitledFirst Do No Harm, which I also reported on last year.

The letter addressed to Frank Field MP, features a barely legible hand-written footnote warning against listening to those “in the media and on social media” who “accuse the Government of outrageous actions.”

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