Syria: The race for Raqqa

The SAA needs to get there first because if the US arrive on the scene they will seize the oil fields and divvy up Syria just as they always intended. This was never about “democratizing” it was and still is a power grab by the US. It will not matter to Washington how many Syrian non combatants must die to attain their goal, it never did.



In Raqqa, people watch ISIS militants cut off the hand of a man accused of stealing, February 11.

Sputnik International reports:

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the US-led coalition are competing in a race for Raqqa, because the stakes are very high; to restore Syria’s sovereignty, the SAA should be the first to expel Daesh from the eastern Syrian city.

Over the last few days, the 555th Brigade of the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division, backed by pro-government militias, has continued to gain ground in northeast Syria. It has moved toward the Al-Raqqa Governorate’s strategic Tabaqa Military Airport.

On Friday, Syrian armed forces re-entered the governorate for the first time since August 2014. Back in 2014, Tabaqa Military Airport was seized by Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) and turned into the terrorists’ primary military base and training ground in Syria, according to the independent news source Arab al-Masdar.

“With the Khanasser-Ithriyah Road free of any ISIS [Daesh] presence, the Syrian Armed Forces can…

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