Police help fox hunters while wave of burglaries, violence and sexual offences hits Bedfordshire

Pride's Purge

If you live in Bedfordshire – especially the area of Sandy and Biggleswade – and the police claim they are too understaffed to deal with your complaint of burglary or violent crime, don’t be surprised.

Because local police officers will be far too busy protecting fox hunters to deal with your mere complaints of burglary, violence or sexual offences.


(South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs): “Having spotted the Cambridge and Enfield Chace hound van on its way to a fox hunting meet (blue van with yellow stripe, LK04 EHP) we pulled into the services to see what they were up to.

A police car duly arrived and a lone officer came over and spoke to us in an irate tone. He told us to stop following the van and to ‘go back where we had come from’. As soon as the hound van had gotten away, the officer lost interest in us…

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