Ruffled Petals at the Guardian

There is an easy solution to the Graundian’s problems they could desist from propagandist utterances which bear no resemblance to facts, minimise their propagandist misinformation, curb their enthusiasm for their carelessness with the truth and stop fecking lying their socks off!
To think I once gave credence to the Guardian “news”paper cum tripe dogs dinner.


by Bryan Hemming

Photo caricatures by Bryan Hemming Photo caricatures by Bryan Hemming

In another principled stand against information it doesn’t like very much the Guardian has made it quite clear that anyone linking to the renegade Off-Guardian site will be banned from commenting. Serve them right, too!

According to Britain’s most inventive news outlet, OffG — an alternative ‘blog’ site set up by a bunch of disgruntled, good-for-nothing, rebel-rousers with nothing better to do— has the temerity to publish “statements of fact regarding our [The Guardian’s] journalists’ credibility”. Many will see the ban as a yet another priceless example of the superior newspaper’s brave struggle against an increasingly non-compliant readership. Some people don’t like hearing the truth even when it pokes them in the eye. They know very well who they are.

Bearing such admirable pluck in mind we can fully expect to see the ban extended to include another media outlet that…

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