Remembering Ten Year old Najeb, Shot Dead by western-backed Terrorists

Just how many versions of the truth do Brits need to hear before they stop believing the propagandist lies of the western press and corrupt and lying governments?

In Gaza


A Syrian friend messaged me, his voice barely coherent in his grief, mourning the murder of his 10 year old cousin in al-Foua, northern Syria.

Eva, I lost my cousin today, in al-Foua. His name was Najeb Ahmad hallak. The terrorists killed him, he was just 10 years old. They shot him through his heart.

I hate this life, Eva.

Green-eyed Najeb was returning from school when sniped by western-backed “moderate” “rebels”. He was the youngest of the family.

There have been other murders of children and adults in al-Foua and Kafarya, a reported 300 since March 2015, and over 1700 since 2011, according to a resident, Dr Ali al-Moustafa, head of the sole hospital in al-Foua. Many were killed by terrorists’ mortars, rockets, missiles, hell-cannons and snipings.  Others, more recently, have succumbed to malnutrition, cold weather, a lack of medicines or medical care due to the prolonged terrorist siege…

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