Syria’s President Assad Amnesties Syria’s Draft-Evaders


by Eric Zuesse


Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad, issued on February 17th, a decree:

…granting a general amnesty for military deserters inside and outside the country and the crimes included in the Military Service Law committed before 17th February 2016.”

This is being done in order to remove one reason why some Syrians are now refugees in foreign countries: their refusal (for whatever reason) to serve in the military:

The decree grants amnesty on the full penalty for those who have deserted outside the country who are included in Article No. 101 of the military Penalties Law issued by Legislative Decree No. 61 for 1950 and its amendments. This decree does not include fugitives from justice unless they turn themselves in within 30 days for those inside the country and 60 for those outside the country.”

However, unless and until the foreign supplies of armaments and jihadists to fight against…

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