Welcome to the Labour Party’s excellent Economic Advisory Committee of experts

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gret deceitLabour Pressreleased this in September 2015:

  • Labour announces new Economic Advisory Committee

    Labour has today unveiled its Economic Advisory Committee that will be convened by the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP, and will report directly to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP.

    Meeting quarterly, the purpose of the Committee will be to discuss and develop ideas around the official economic strategy that Labour will be advocating under the new leadership.

    The Committee, which contains a broad based group of world leading economists, includes:

    • Mariana Mazzucato, Professor, University of Sussex
    • Joseph Stiglitz, Professor, Columbia University, recipient of the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in economics.
    • Thomas Piketty, Professor, Paris School of Economics
    • Anastasia Nesvetailova, Professor, City University London
    • Danny Blanchflower, Bruce V, Rauner Professor of Economics Dartmouth and Stirling, Ex-member of the MPC
    • Ann Pettifor, Director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME), and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Political Economy Research…

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