The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton | Archdruid

This pretty much sums up the Presidential campaigns of the last four decades in the US and the acceptance of the lesser of two evils ideology. The usual candidates we have seen before and have been promoted this time round are totally oblivious to what is happening on the ground. There has been a worldwide revolution in peoples thinking in large part to the advent of the World Wide Web but more especially to the truth being available in the social media and the brave journalists in the likes of the Boston Globe mainstream media. A fun read.

The Fourth Revolutionary War

The last couple of weeks in American politics have offered an interesting confirmation of some of the main themes I’ve discussed on this blog. For that matter, those weeks would have come as no surprise to one of the thinkers whose work has guided these essays since this blog started a decade ago, the philosopher of history Oswald Spengler. I can all too readily imagine the hard lines of Spengler’s face creasing in momentary amusement as he contemplates the temporarily divergent fates of those two candidates for the US presidency that, less than a year ago, nearly everyone insisted would be facing one another in the general election:   Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

Bush is in some ways the perfect poster child for the theme I have in mind just now. When he launched his campaign last year, it was a letter-perfect copy of the successful presidential campaigns of the…

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