Continuing CIF censorship in the service of propaganda

The Graund is well past it’s sell by date and should be used as toilet paper in desperate times.


Peter Schmidt, an old-time Guardian reader and CIF commentator, has sent us this glimpse of the continuing suppression of criticism and genuine investigative news reporting by the paper’s CIF moderators.

On February 29 the Guardian carried the article “Life after Ukraine: the ‘invisible’ Russian fighters struggling to return to normal” — written by one Georgy Pereborshchikov for Meduza, part of the New East propaganda network Graun joined a couple of years ago. In a CIF thread to that article, Peter had come across the following sardonic comment by BMWAlbert, pointing to the links between the source the Guardian has chosen to use – the Latvian propaganda organ Meduza – and one of the most corrupt and now exiled Russian oligarchs, Khodorkovsky.  We are reprinting it here with a couple of adjacent comments as their placement will help show the subsequent erasure of BMWAlbert’s entry:

Peter Schmidt1

An hour after…

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