Job vacancies fall as fears over potential Brexit brings uncertainty to the labour market

If only people could realize that Brexit is not about “immigrants” that will continue even if we leave the EU. We gain far more than we lose – and I have detested the Common Market for more than thirty years – but reality has set in. Kitty Sue demonstrably shows people who want to listen why we should stay in.

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New figures published yesterday reveal a 7.3% drop in the number of advertised job vacancies in the UK since the start of the year, as experts warn fears that the UK may leave the European Union are fueling job market uncertainty.

One of the biggest uncertainties surrounding “Brexit” is the fact that such an exit has never been done before, so no one really knows what the exact fallout will be. This is in addition to major concerns that the impact of a Brexit would be profound and irreversible, and would lead to a significantly diminished international role for the UK.

There has been a marked drop in advertised vacancies since the start of the year, and warnings that discussions about the UK leaving the European Union is fuelling job market uncertainty. 

“Hiring habits are changing, it’s a sign of potential instability and employers are retaining their best workers for…

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