Antisocial personality and lack of conscientiousness is correlated with bogus anti-welfare research

Politics and Insights

9686687899_74d73c6216_oMany of us presented extensive and comprehensiverational criticisms of Adam Perkin’s book The Welfare Trait, which claims to present “scientific proof “that the social security system is creating a generation of work resistant personalities; that “generous” welfare means that more children are born into disadvantaged households.

According to Perkins, the combination of these two effects means that the welfare state itself is directly increasing, in the long-run, the number of individuals whose personality is leading them to be work shy.  He uses these propositions to attempt to add credibility to his lazy, New Right and untenable claim that cutting welfare even further is necessary. His work contains many fundamental methodological flaws, basic logical and mathematical errors, the unconscientious  misuse of other researcher’s work, and dismally fails to support his dismal central proposals and dismal conclusions.

Top critics include social scientist Andy Fugard,from the University College London…

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