Universal Credit cuts will leave some people in work worse off

I despair of this idiot government who refuse to invest in employers, jobs and people and insist on making sure the wealthiest are “better off”. Universal Credit is going to cost £20 billion to roll out over the next 4-5 years.
Meanwhile IDS continues to lie through his teeth, as do most Conservative parliamentarians it would seem.

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66864_464287263640807_1896397853_nDespite Ian Duncan Smith’s persistent claims that “nobody loses a penny” under his flagship Universal Credit reform, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has contradicted him and admitted that some claimants will be worse off. There seems to be a pattern emerging. Whenever the word “reform” is used by the Conservative government, it is always as a euphemism for “cuts to lifeline support.”

Guidance released this week by the DWP outlines how some working people will lose almost £900 a year. The memo supplies guidance on legislative amendments made in 2015 to the regulations which provide for the amount of earned income that is deducted from the Universal Credit maximum amount.

From 11.4.16 the range of work allowances available to Universal Credit claimants is reduced from seven to two (some rates are also reduced and some are removed completely). Consequently a work allowance will only be available where the…

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