Labour Party To Refer Groundless Iain Duncan Smith Claim To Statistics Watchdog Again

Bear in mind that many on JSA have arrived there because of discriminative WCA’s and have since died and many who have been sanctioned are now homeless (there has been a 50% increase in homelessness) the number who have been interviewed for their opinion will be far less. It has been estimated by some than 10,000 a year disabled die as a consequence of being forced off Disability benefit and onto JSA and the homeless do not report to the DWP. It is unlikely that the dead and homeless were asked if their lives were improved so one could say that without the opinion of the dead and homeless, his claims can be refuted from the get go.

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Iain Duncan Smith is telling fibs again. Work and pensions secretary claims that 75% of jobseekers think that benefit sanctions have helped them “focus and get on.”

The following is reported by Rowena Mason and Patrick Butler, for on Saturday 12th March 2016:

Labour is to challenge Iain Duncan Smith’s claim that 75% of jobseekers think benefit sanctions have helped them “focus and get on” by lodging a complaint with the official statistics watchdog.

Owen Smith, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said he would write to Duncan Smith challenging him to back up the “groundless” figure and refer the matter to theUK Statistics Authorityfor investigation.

The work and pensions secretary made the claim in an interview with theCamden New Journal, in which he suggested many claimants were grateful for the consequences of benefit sanctions.

“Seventy-five per cent of all those who have been…

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