Bahrain strips nationality from Shiite cleric over supposed Iran sympathies

So why is Cameron not shouting Bahrain’s monarchy must go? Oh, I forgot, they are extremists and friends of Saudi and the US

The Fourth Revolutionary War

Bahrain’s government on Monday stripped the country’s leading Shiite cleric of his nationality in a move that brought thousands of protesters into the streets and threatened to ignite sectarian tensions across the region.

The Bahrain News Agency quoted the Interior Ministry as saying that Sheikh Isa Qassim had played a key role in creating an extremist sectarian atmosphere and had formed groups that “follow foreign religious ideologies and political entities,” an apparent reference to Shiite-majority Iran.

The move was welcomed by Bahrain’s Sunni-led allies but condemned by Shiites, and could serve as another flash point for tensions stoked by the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

After the decision was announced, thousands of Qassim’s supporters gathered outside of his house in the mostly Shiite village of Diraz, carrying posters and chanting religious slogans as well as slogans against Bahrain’s king and the Saudi monarchy…

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