US, French Warships Have Entered Black Sea – Report

While the NATO kids are playing it large with their “I’ve got a bigger dick than you” games the real men are trying to promote unilateral initiatives of peace. Thank goodness for statesmen like Putin.


US, French Warships Have Entered Black Sea – Report

ANKARA, Turkey, April 11 (RIA Novosti) – The US guided-missile destroyer Donald Cook and French intelligence warship Dupuy de Lôme have entered the Black Sea, the Turkish newspaper Sabah reported Friday.

According to the US military command, the dispatch of the Donald Cook destroyer was a move to reassure the country’s NATO allies in the region amid heightened tensions due to the crisis in Ukraine.

Turkish political scientist Fatih Er told RIA Novosti that the US ships are not intended to scare Russia or conduct any military operations against the country.

“I do not think that in practice the Americans have some specific goal in mind, sending warships to the Black Sea. The ships going through the Turkish straits are not so much of a message to Russia, but rather a move towards Europe,” Er said.

“The US showed they are backing their European partners. The message by the Secretary…

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