NIST finally admits free fall of WTC7

About time. So what took them so long to admit the truth when they must have known it all along? Allowing Washington to bully them into withholding critical facts in order to prop up the lies or saving what little credibility they have left should have been a no brainer from the start.


from OffG on Youtube

this is a playlist of three videos, to access all of them click on the upper left tab

David Chandler, physics teacher and member of AE9/11 Truth describes the journey toward NIST’s public admission that their initial calculations were incorrect and that WTC7’s first eight floors did descend at free-fall speed.

This concession by NIST (see section 11) raises many additional questions about the plausibility of the fire-induced progressive failure explanation for WTC7’s collapse that NIST published in 2008.

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