Tokyo Tells Trump It Is Already Paying Enough in Tribute

US pretends its military installations are there for the sake of Japan, and Japanese politicians run with that because otherwise they would naturally have to resist foreign military presence.In reality US military is in Japan for the same reason Japan was disarmed after WWII and given a pacifist constitution — to enhance the power of Washington.Japan in time embraced the disarmament because it gave it a great out from being the pawn of the American empire. A pacifist Japan could stay out of US military adventures in Asia without openly defying its imperial master.Not terribly popular with the localsThe US military installations however have never been popular, particularly with those who live closest to them. If Trump is seriously going to insist that Japan coughs up even more money for their maintenance (did he even know Tokyo is already contributing nearly $2 billion?) he may finally force Japanese politicians to grow a backbone and show the Americans the exit door.It’s safe to say that if that were to happen Trump wouldn’t win himself any friends in the United States Seventh Fleet.

Source: Tokyo Tells Trump It Is Already Paying Enough in Tribute


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