UK politician says Russia ‘has done a better job than anybody else’ for Mideast stability

” Daniel Kawczynski, a British Conservative Party politician and Member of Parliament told TASS on Monday.“The anti-Russian narrative has been rife for years; lately it has reached a new crescendo. Day in, day out, Russia is being accused of yet more sophisticated acts of wickedness,” he said.“We are regularly shown emotive images of injured Syrian children, accompanied by the hypnotising mantra that Russia is to blame. We have become obsessed with Russia,” Daniel Kawczynski said.Phantom fearsAccording to the British politician, NATO countries have created an “evil empire” in their minds and are “at risk of being driven to catastrophic decisions through the fear and disdain that are being instigated in us”.“Our unease and discomfort with Russia’s assertive foreign policy may stem partly from our historical monopoly on global influence. Today’s reality is that not only Russia, but also China, India and other emerging powers will increasingly have to be taken into consideration on the international stage,” he said.“Our condescending carrot-and-stick approach in our dealings with seemingly weaker states does not and will not work with Russia,” the parliamentarian warned.“For the sake of peace, we have to go the extra mile and engage more actively in constructive dialogue with Russia. And this also means preparedness to meet halfway in negotiations. Rebuffing or lecturing Russia on how to behave is easy and plays well in our domestic media. But it is a poor alternative to genuine diplomacy,” he added.Finger pointingSpeaking about Russia’s military campaign against terrorist groups operating in Syria, Daniel Kawczynski urged the West to stop labelling Russia and accusing it of civilian deaths.“We are quick to see Russia’s faults but conveniently overlook our own. In 1999 we bombed Serbia for almost three months causing hundreds of civilian deaths and thousands of wounded,” he said.“Today we condemn Russia for performing military operations in Syria. But we seem to be using a very different value system for ourselves and our allies when launching military invasions and overthrowing foreign leaders,” the parliamentarian said.

Source: UK politician says Russia ‘has done a better job than anybody else’ for Mideast stability


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