U.S. House passes bill targeting “Russian propaganda” websites

Washington’s paranoia stems from it’s own policies of intervention and manipulation globally. This new attack against Russia is similar to the US interference in global stock markets. The US was “probably” responsible for causing the Chinese stock market crash, as many of us believe. The problem with such playground name calling is that the twofold strategy of a) blaming your counterparts for those activities you yourself have participated in and b) undermine any and all opposing voices/thinking and thus thwart any accusations of said activity, is wearing thin and fools only the gullible and the brain dead/brainwashed (by mainstream media dancing to the moneyed politics of the corrupt tune) “useful idiots” who fall for this tactic. I write these words wondering just how many Russophobic/boot licking(that’s the kinder version of the expression I refer to) will fall for this double bluff and support it. The US has had the monopoly on propaganda and the art of misdirection and outright lies for over 40 years and still there are those among the masses who will blindly follow this malfeasance. Every time the sleepwalking plebs let such deliberate and false claptrap lead them by the nose, they are forfeiting yet more of their will and freedoms like lambs to slaughter until they have no freedoms left.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Section 501 calls for the government to “counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence … carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, politic…

Source: U.S. House passes bill targeting “Russian propaganda” websites


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