What causes heart disease part XXVI

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(I always wondered what caused my mum’s blue merle rough collie bitch to have a heart attack.

She didn’t have lots of salt, just enough, her cholesterol was never an issue, she didn’t eat any fruit but had veg, she lived much like all the other dogs in the pack and they didn’t have heart problems, she didn’t smoke and wasn’t a heavy drinker. All in all she led a blameless life as far as the medical profession’s advice goes.

So now:

I still wonder what caused my mum’s blue merle rough collie bitch to have a heart attack.  

Well done to Dr. Salim Yusuf for dispelling so much of the myths surrounding the causes of heart disease.)   Cheers, Susan O’Neill


3 thoughts on “What causes heart disease part XXVI”

  1. Susan, didn’t you pay attention:it was the peanut butter toast that you (or your mum) fed the bitch for her breakfast treat every morning, not the peanut butter, because that’s good for you, but the bread is what did it. Poor dog. How could you?


  2. And why is Aleksandr Dugin always popping up with a bazooka threatening merciless revenge, making my attempts to browse through your catalog of posts not only frustrating, but virtually impossible?

    I’ve heard it said that Dugin is a fascist? Is he? Or is that just more anti-Russian hysteria?

    Personally, I’m not sure what to make of him. I’ve been subscribed to his blog for a while already because he is to my mind informative. I’m not sure that I subscribe to what seems to be his Heideggerian take on culture, but Heideggerianism does not necessarily make you a breed of fascist, but it does land you in that camp that valorizes the “essence” of differences in culture — of course, I have no idea what I’m talking about, really, but that is what for the time being I most definitely think about Aleksandr — if that makes any sense . . .

    But . . . Oooops. I just noticed I’ve swerved off topic, again. I hope I’ll be forgiven. I hope I didn’t give anyone a heart attack. Probably not. I’m mostly saturated fats.


    1. Dugin is a strange nut to crack(and no that is not a reference to his state of mind). It’s difficult to tell what his politics are but suffice it to say he seems to have an agenda advocating all the right steps forward. He’s currently sought after by many blogs and associations for speeches because he is well informed on so many subjects. Whilst Heideggar was considered a nazi his thoughts on being? were provocative but did not tie people down to a one track kind of thinking. I really don’t see Dugin as a fascist or nazi but definitely a reactionary activist. I did find it odd though, that he condemns the Kiev junta but makes no mention of the war criminal known as Motorola, so perhaps he is just anti establishment and willing to gloss over the wrongs being committed by those supposedly doing right. If you ever work out where to pigeon hole Dugin, you’re a better man than me Gunga Din


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