A Pilfered Comment from the “Moon of Alabama” Website . . .

[Norm’s note: this is a re-post of a comment that I found posted on the “Moon of Alabama” Website some time ago.  Someone managed to dig it up and read it here today, a thing I no…

Source: A Pilfered Comment from the “Moon of Alabama” Website . . .


“…….Now, on to the post 9-11 invasion. We stole the oil plans. We destroyed and stole the entire country’s cultural heritage. We let go of Saddam’s entire Army. We replaced them with an Iranian Shia proxy army. We found and humiliated Saddam Hussein, not exactly endearing us to Sunnis. We had Western special agents running false flag attacks against anyone and everyone. (Remember the British special agents caught in Basra, and sprung from jail?) We funded death squads on both sides. We ensured that there was no security and that most of the educated classes were murdered or forced to flee. We “allowed” the attack on the Al-Askari Shrine in 2006. We set up endless attacks on Mosques, shrines, and schools. We stole the reconstruction money, and left the country in abject poverty. We polluted the country with deadly depleted Uranium, causing huge spikes in the cancer rates. We practically destroyed an entire city, Fallujah, as an example. We tortured prisoners and then turned them into traitors and mercenaries. We allowed entire neighborhoods and cities to be ethnically cleansed. We bought off the now dispossessed Sunnis and tribesman and set them against the Shia. We gave the Kurds autonomy and set them against the rest of the nation. We used Turkomen, Yazidis, and every other minor group as pawns in this game. We destroyed the Army and ensured that it was never strong enough to protect the nation from internal destabilization…………”

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