The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx and His Followers, Part 1

Going about this in a muddled way. This is to be read in conjunction with several other posts by Norman Pilon of Taking Sides. His own interpretation can be very helpful for those of us who need a helping hand. Revisiting Marx and Hegel and the work of Althusser and many others who analysed Marx works is difficult enough, but regardless of the manner in which I have presented them, they can stand alone on their own merits.

Taking Sides

Source: Marxist Internet Archive

Thorstein Veblen (1906)

The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx and His Followers [1]

Part 1

Written: April, 1906
Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 20, 1906.
Transcribed: unknown, from a .txt file at
HTML Markup:Sally Ryan in 2000
For other Web sites about Veblen information, see Akamac E-Texts.

I. The Theories of Karl Marx

The system of doctrines worked out by Marx is characterized by a certain boldness of conception and a great logical consistency. Taken in detail, the constituent elements of the system are neither novel nor iconoclastic, nor does Marx at any point claim to have discovered previously hidden facts or to have invented recondite formulations of facts already known; but the system as a whole has an air of originality and initiative such as is rarely met with among the sciences that deal with any phase of human cultureā€¦

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