Bosnian Muslims from central Serbia call for islamist Army of ,Sandjak’ and bloodshed

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Calling for the formation of the Army of the Republic of Sandzak

A large number of Bosniaks via Facebook supported the establishment of the Army of Sandjak

 After the “March of Hadjet”, when young men in green uniforms (World War II SS Handjar unifroms)  marched through Novi Pazar, and threatened ‘Chetniks’ (Serbs) that the rivers will be red from their blood,  Bosnian muslims, gravely fanatized and encouraged by global support, call for the formation of the Army of Sandjzak (Raska area). Immediately appeared facebook group “Army of Sandjzak “. 

– Here I call every Sandjak male from the age of 15 to get ready for war in Sandjak, because our Prophet Alejhuselam participated (in war) when he was 15 –

The  young men wearing WW II SS Handjar uniforms recently marched through Novi Pazar. Serbian puppet regime just turned the blind eye. Serbs  leave the area because of Islamist fascism en masse.

The call for the formation of the Army of Sandžak appeared on page ‘Republic of Sandzak’, and administrator of this site put the military emblem almost the same as coat of arms of the (muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnian NAYI

Raska area (‘Sandjak’), World War II,  – Bosnian Muslim NAZI ‘SS Handzar’ members laugh over hammering the ‘infidels’ (Serbs). Notice that there’s no difference between the uniforms of the mufti Zukorlichs’ army and SS Handjar uniforms. 

There’s also the photo of the radical pro Ottoman ‘Sandjzak’  Mufti Zukorlic Muharrem with the message: “Brothers Bosniaks, we urgently need to form Army of Sandjzak in order to preserve the territory and the security of citizens of Sandjzak. (?)  The ‘Chetniks’ are ready to attack Novi Pazar and publicly call for it. And we invite you to form the Army of the Republic of Sandzak. We invite each individual and each group to arm and join “.

Elite trupe
The invented danger and false threat are well known mean to justify misdeeds in advance, and Zukorlić knows that very well, Such a way made him one of the wealthiest persons in Raska area, with private army, completely equiped modern sport and religious center, etc.
Meanwhile there’s no Serbs in Serbian uniform marching through Serbia (!! Incredible! seems that, traditionally Zukorlic and his followers prefer Turkish and NATO, especially German and USA uniforms), Zukorlic was given a blink to start another war in Balkans.


The call for the formation of the Army of Sandzak immediately, received the support of a significant number of visitors, mostly Bosniaks in ‘Sandjzak’ and the Diaspora who also call for the formation of the Army of ‘Sandjzak’.

The coat of arms of the ‘Army’ of the ‘Republic of Sandjzak’

“Sandzak tigers, join, show everyone who the sons of Sandjzak are”, “And my life for my Sandjzak”, “Allah, help Sandjzak Mufti, help him  and save from hidded enemies and false friend” are just some of the messages that could appear on this page ….

The emergence of this Facebook group and call for the formation of the Army of Sandzak, which can be a provocation of the individual, but also a serious threat of serious and extremist groups, followed the “Visitation of the Hadjet” where Zukorlic and his pro Ottoman fanatics appeared uniformed as members of the notorious SS Handjar.
After that threatening march, Serbian Orthodox vlounteers from Donbass ( ‘Chetniks’) announced that they’re ready  “to come to Novi Pazar and organize a march in their uniforms, as neo Nazi Islamists did.” But the Authorities prevented them from doing so. (Serbian authorities didn’t prevent Islamists from marching in the middle of Serbia, but prevented the Serbs!! Just another treason.)

New threats came also  from Sarajevo, where  “sheik” Abdulmalik Basic, a former member of the monstrous “El-Mujahid” who says in media:  “Chetniks,” said, “If you come near in Sandjzak, the Drina river will not be green but red, and Priboj will be destroyed”.


These Islamic extremists, whose messages are freely published on some portals in Sandjzak, threatened: “If you  come to Novi Pazar (town in Central Serbia) you touched the ‘Umnet’, the pupil of the eye of the Bosniaks”

The authorities of Serbia have not yet reacted to the threats in Sandjzak and act as they don’t notice the establishment of the neo nazi Army of of Sandjzak, neither suffernig and fear of non islamists in the region of Raska.

sources: Schmidt, Fabian. “The Sandzak: Muslims between Serbia and Montenegro.” RFE/RL Research Report, 3 (6), February 11, 1994, pp. 29-35.;

Stojanovic, Srdjan. “Serbia’s Sandzak: Still Forgotten.” Europe Report N. 162. International Crisis Group. April 8, 2005.

Bosnian Muslims from central Serbia call for islamist Army of ,Sandjak’ and bloodshed


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